Deck cleaning

ok, so on a bare deck. going to apply percarb with a pumpsprayer. then apply oxalic with a pump sprayer.

now the question

do i powerwash the oxalic off, or is it good to just rinse with garden hose?

We rinse our oxalic off but you don’t need to powerwash (with a wand). If you already have your pressure washer out there just take off your gun and use a ball valve to rinse. Saves you from having to hook up a garden hose

All decks even low maintenance decks need regular cleaning to keep looking and performing well. Over time dirt, leaves, mold and mildew will create a film over an outdoor deck that looks ugly and can be slippery. Most people give their deck at least one good cleaning every Spring.

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you can rinse it with a garden house or leave it on.

thanks clark!

Mr Apex are you saying to rinse off percarb with ball valve or both chemicals with ball valve thanks sir

Hi Baker, after percarb we pressure wash the deck with normal pressure washing with a wand. The oxalic I just rinse with the hose (no gun)

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If you don’t mind. How much pressure should I use. Its a older deck
And is f18 and f8. Good to use from pressure tek