Deal or no deal

As some of you know we’re re-doing our trailer. We’re adding soft wash and an 8gpm cold water unit. I was talking with the supplier that I got my 3500@ 5.5 pressurepro hot water unit from and mentioned that I should have gone with 8gpm to begin with. My current unit is generator. After about two hours of back and forth text haggling we left it at a $1500. trade difference. Mine has 70 hours and has a generator. The one I’m considering trading for is brand new 3500@8 gpm but is 12 volt. A generator unit would be a $2200 difference. I have just enough commercial work to make it worth having heat. I’m thinking the gpm upgrade would out weigh the 12 volt burner but curious about other opinions and experiences. Thanks for any input. I told him I’d let him know Monday

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From a dollar standpoint you can look at how much you have into the 5.5 and divide that by how many jobs you did with it. That would tell you your cost of just the unit for each job.

There’s also depreciation for this years taxes and the expense of the difference to consider for your taxes this year. So, would you rather deduct the expense this year or next year?

There’s more to think about but that’s just a dollar for dollar view point.

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Thanks. We’re trying to get as many deductions as we can this year. I’ll have plenty to deduct next year also

For sure worth it

That’s what I’m thinking. Like I said, we’re not using heat anywhere near as much as I thought we would. It’s nice to have when I do need it and on my commercial jobs I do. I’m thinking though for two 8gpm machines to be effective I may have to move from my 330 gallon tote tank to a 525 gallon leg tank. What little bit I’m actually full that’ll put me about a 1000 lbs over weight on my trailer counting the weight of the trailer

I’m happy with my 12v but I don’t have anything to compare it to.

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