Deal or No Deal pressure washer edition

I was scrolling through facebook marketplace and I found this 4.0GPM unit! it has roughly 50 hr on it and the genteman is looking to exit the business and is selling it for 1700. I did a little digging and the unit goes for roughly 5000 brand new. I’m newer to the industruty and have always relied on my trusty Honda engine and CAT pump. I wanted to get some thoughts on Vangaurd engines, genral pumps, and the Mi-T-M brand overall. I hope everyone has a GREAT weekend!

Mi-T-M CW-4004-5MV0 CW Gasoline Series Cold Water Belt Drive, 480cc Vanguard OHV Electric Start Gasoline Engine, 4000 PSI Pressure Washer

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Probably not a bad deal if machine is in good shape and hasn’t been sitting outside. Depends on how you’re going to use. It’s a pretty heavy unit, weighs almost 300 lbs.

1700 for a 4gpm new is regular price with a Honda engine.
Used and not a Honda, i will pass

In no way, shape or form was that unit ever $5000 USD new. That unit is worth about $1100 tops.

Vanguard is Briggs and Stratton made.
This model is brand new $3600 but can found cheaper at local Sherwin Williams or Ben Moore. Depending on your location I would search more.
For the money $1100 is a cold deal.
Simce you are here and ask, I would not buy it.

I don’t know where you’re seeing that, just about every website has it for $2400.

For that price, you could build yourself a pretty decent system, more than 4GPM at least.


Lol $6700 let me get my credit card.

I have a local mi-t-m dealer and yes all his machines are very overpriced… he also about died laughing when I told him I needed a 8 gpm for house washing…. I don’t go to him anymore :joy:
But regardless that looks like a decent machine for the price maybe see if you can knock a couple hundred off


I’m looking at upgrading now and my dealer quoted me an 8gpm with Honda engine belt drive for $4k.
You could buy 2 direct drive 4 gpm pressure washers and burn through them for less than $2,500 including 200’ of hose and a cheap reel - at least that’s what you’d pay here in the southeast.

Thanks for the feedback everyone! He offered to come down to 1500 on the final price. He lives down the street from me so I went to hear it run and it sounded great. While I was there He mentioned that this unit uses two belts to help the engine run stoother. He also stated that this is an industrial grade pressure washer not commercial grade. I found both of the comments intresting and took to the web to do some more digging. I didn’t find much info on either topic other than when I was looking through MI-TiM’s website I noticed they had a section for Indurstial and a section for commercial/residentail. Is that just a marketing term to get more money for thier pressure washers or is their a real preformance increase? I didn’t buy the unit yet I’m still keeping my options open so if anyone has a better unit that will provide a better ROI for around 1500-2000 I’m all ears. Have a Great Sunday!

An 8gpm belt drive will outlast, out perform, and make more money than a half dozen direct drive machines. Even if it’s a piece of crap pressure pro with a general pump.

Get it. Did you find out how old it is? For an electric start on a heavy duty frame, run flat tires, and if it has electric start means it already has an alternator for charging battery, so not bad at all. That is a good engine that puts out 14hp net which will easily run a GP TS2021 pump which will produce 5.6 gpm at 3500 psi for when you want to upgrade. That engine, if you mount it will also let you use a remote fuel tank, so you can run much larger fuel tank. In fact, it if it has onboard gas tank at top, can’t tell from pic, but that is an option. That engine is used extensively in mowers and will last years with relatively little maintenance.

If you have more pics, post them.

He had purchase this unit brand new in 2020 around the begining of the pamdenic and was going to use it for a enclosed trailor build. He never got around to it and is looking to get out of the business. The machines has 42.5hrs on it and still sounds brand new. Good to know that this engine had seen sucess, I worked at Lowes as a kid and always throught briggs was a solid alternative to the highly marketed Honda engines. I’m headed out tomorrow morning to bring it home!

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Oh dang it’s a v-twin…man you’d better get this one for $1500. I was under the impression it was a single. Like @Racer said you can upgrade to a 5.5 at some point.

What model pump is on it? The engine alone worth almost what you’re paying for it.

Are you going to mount it, put on a trailer or what?

Agreed - I was just trying to throw some pricing that I had recently received out there for reference to what an 8gpm machine costs.

My wallets 1500 lighter, but my trucks 250lb heavier! I just brought it home and have been playing around with it and its a beast compared to my basic 11.7hp Honda. I plan to invest in a trailor in the near future and plan to mount it there! The pump is a genral pump 4.0 GPM model number T9Z81. Like you said I will look to upgrade this pump in the future. I’m happy with my purchase and think this machine will be a staple in my business for years to come!

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Good deal! You’ll be shocked at the difference a 5.5 makes when you come to that.