Deal? Or naw?

Even has a LAMBO ENGINE, gotta be the fastest pressure washer ever!!!:rofl::rofl:

Quick google check I found a bunch of those exact same set-ups on auction. Must be military standard. Almost all of them has a lot of rust on them. Must be kept outside.

The price for this one with 400 hours seems high compared to others. I found one with 26 hours for $4K, one with 15 hour going for $3500 and another that showed .1 hours but was very rusty for $3K.

I think you could keep looking and find the same thing with less hours for the same or less money.

@squidskc does the fact they are military mean they are better or worse maintained? Abuse factor?

They get serviced regularly. Either by hours or date which ever comes first. 400 hours on a diesel is nothing.

I was looking at some of the other units I found and the bolts on the pumps were rusted, the burner box rusted and burnt up, etc. Looked like they were kept outside. I would also be curious on abuse? Did they turn the burners off and continue to run the gun to cool down the burner before shutting off? I equate to restaurant workers in that it is not their equipment and their $ to buy and maintain so they never really took quite as good of care of it as I would. How do the military folks handle this type of equipment? Why so many of these are they getting rid of with 400 hours being the highest usage?

Good ole government spending. I went to a DRMO sale when I was in Germany and bought an 800.00 snap on socket set for 5.00. So much money gets wasted.

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Yep. If anything it’s over maintained. Plus it’s a Landa.

I haven’t looked at the listing yet, but between those two things I’d probably take the risk if the price is right.

But the trailer will sell prob 2k

I say no also. Personally i wouldn’t mess around with diesel unless it’s new. The ad does claim it works properly. If i had the $ and wanted it, Id gamble and haggle at 2k max. 800 without trailer.

They can’t be all bad. The trailers come from Portland Oregon! :grin:

Idk if even with the military maintenance it would be a deal, I actually only looked at if because of the sweet trailer, seen lots of them built up as overland and wheelin trailers!