Dave Mac injector


Dont understand.
You took out the spring?

Yes. No spring with Bob’s modified


Whats the advantage?

When you say Bob’s are you just talking about a gp hi draw?

Just a gp hi draw with no spring. Nothing to see here. No advantage. All should buy the spring style. @Sharpe, go to the back channel

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Is this 1 weird trick to shoot more soap at a home?

I’d tell you but then I’d have to shoot ikii


You are a funny guy IBM… Lolz!

Thanks for your informative videos, I’ve learned from each one I seen sofar.

BTW, I wish I had a giant garage/workshop like you and a southern drawl like you


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I don’t have a drawl. Y’all all just talk weird



Alright I’ve been informed. Noted.

It just makes the injector last longer mainly.


I took it out of lounge and put it in residential

Yes no epoxy coating on them, sorry about that. thanks much for posting the video. two washers is the trick

330 in the morning don’t you sleep ?

I’m in bed by 730 most nights. At the shop around 4. Quite time for me

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@Innocentbystander where do you get them from? I hate the springs!

Tis a closely guarded secret

put it back in the lounge then.