Dark Homes

There are enough customers in the world that if one or a hundred never calls you back it won’t matter. Just tell them that the color may flash and you won’t clean it


I’m not picky, just careful. I live in FL so it’s a freaking color pallet of homes. I’ve done almost every color, except black. I do educate the customers on the oxidation but never a problem so far. I don’t soft wash, I downstream every house. I stay far enough when applying the mix to not agitate the oxidation. Don’t let dry and don’t use wand to rinse…I use my ball valve to do so while also keeping a good distance. If your mix did the job, there’s no need for pressure. Good luck!

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We dont all turn them down. Like I said cut mix in half rinse well you will be fine


I couldn’t fathom going to my customers and say ,Sorry sir ,we can wash your whole fleet , except for the dark ones… competition :grin:,
Customer :-1:
Me ,:crazy_face:


Yeah, we have a ‘planned’ community of upscale homes slammed together like sardines and most of the Hardie board is colored. Kinda ups the pucker factor.

Is it actual hardi board alot of that has a baked on finish. We have alot of those communities around us.

Black fleets are a instant disqualifier for me. I don’t have much problem getting a clean rinse when I lean out my soap but then we’re working twice as hard to clean them. No thanks

Did you see that Amazon is ready to start trucking class 8 style. all day cabs. Right up your alley @dperez. You’ll be in a good spot in DFW I’m thinking

Yes sir, I’ve had my ear to the ground

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Amazon already has about a million trailers. They just contract out haulers to pull them around.

Get with the times man. They going big boy now, no more sub contractor stuff. Lol. FedEx and UPS are ahh crapping there britches, its gonna be huge for us rubber scrubber peeps. @sgb

Amazon is going to take over the world. Remember how Wal-Mart caused a lot of Mom and Pop stores to close down? Well, Amazon is going to cause Wal-Mart to close down. Not really but they sure are trying. Wal-Mart has even had to make changes to compete with them.

Can you imagine how much money Amazon will not only save but make if they can cut out UPS, FedEx, and USPS? Although, I’ve heard USPS doesn’t make squat for shipping items for Amazon.

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Time’s a changing again, for sure my man… @marinegrunt

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@BillC you bet me to it… :expressionless:

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Your insane! Haha

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Walmart is definitely aware of every move that Amazon makes and have definitely made changes to keep pace. It’s a good thing too. Healthy competition makes everyone better.

I’d say that is open for debate. When large corporations compete, they tend to not care what happens to the little guys. Either smaller competitors, or their own employees. Competing on price requires them to squeeze more and more productivity out of their employees, for a lower and lower cost.

But this all pretty off topic from the original subject of washing dark sided homes…

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You’re not wrong. However, they’re not really competing on price much at all anymore. Nowadays, everyone is scrambling to be the most convenient and time efficient hence Wally’s large scale rollouts of grocery pickup and now even grocery delivery. There are some big things in the works for the pharmaceutical industry as well. It’s basically a race to see who can accommodate the laziest of the population and capitalize on that portion of the market. I know I’ll pay $3 to have a pizza delivered rather than drive 10 minutes to pick it up.

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I think they will be fine. I prefer to see and feel what i buy but i do buy from online but not without reviews and YouTube videos to reassure me purchase.

… I have ordered toilet paper online simply because I noticed we were low… with prime it was at my door the next day… so I kind of get it.