Dan from CT


Hey guys, My name is Dan and I’ve been lurking on this forum for the past year. Just wanted to introduce myself! A little bit about myself. I work full time for the state of ct doing tree work for the past 10 yrs. Living in ct is expensive and I’m always doing side work to make ends meet. I have a wonderful wife and two great kids 8 and 6. I started off washing years ago for a guy who had a window cleaning business. I Purchased a small pressure washer and picked up jobs here and there for extra cash. I really started thinking about doing this full time trying to find a more efficient way of washing and finding this forum was the best thing.
So, This past spring I decided to go for it. I named my business G&C Powerwashing after my kids Gavin and Claire. I purchased a gx390 4gpm downstreamer, Hoses, xjet etc. I was hesitant to join HA but reading what Brodie had to say I decided to try them. I can honestly say I’ve been pleased with them and made some decent money. I also had a local web guy build me a site and do some SEO.
Fast forward to present time. My plan now is to upgrade to a 8gpm for this spring. IBS has me sold on getting a gx690 w udor pump. I also purchased a 1998 4dr chevy 3500 flatbed for my washing rig this past fall. I’ll try posting some pics. The best thing about this truck is it came from down south. ZERO rust! Trying to find something around here w no rot is hard to come by. I’m in the process of taking a small personal loan out to pay for supplies/equipment/marketing and hopefully get this build going ASAP.
Well I wanted to keep it somewhat short and just say Hi. Most importantly I would like to thank all of you on this forum for such great info! @MrSparkleVA @Racer @Infinity @JohnT @Innocentbystander @Atlas1 @squidskc @SchertzServicesLLC @Patriotspwashing sharpe jimluke. I know I’m missing others but thank you so much to take the time out to help the new guys. I’m so appreciative with all the info you give. It can be a bit overwhelming but I keep going over all my screenshots and now book marks trying to let it all soak in. Good luck to everyone in the new year and thanks again. Dan


Welcome to the family Dan! Sounds like your on the right track with a solid game plan.


Good luck on your new build. Looking forward to seeing it. Let us know if you need any help.


Nice intro…Sounds like you’re starting off right! Now get outside and paint every possible inch of that truck with two coats of Por-15 (Seriosly, that stuff is awesome)


You’ll be happy with the 4 door Chevy 97 flatbed. One of my trucks is almost identical, been a nice reliable truck. Good luck in 2019


Good luck man I just moved from Farmington to Western Mass. Definitely good money to be made in that area.


Doing that as we speak.


Oh he’s a hunter! I like him already!! Lol welcome Dan!


Thank you. I couldn’t pass it up. Frame, cab are immaculate. It’s got the 7.4 so plenty of power. Can’t wait to see fuel mileage though😆
I wished it was a regular cab w more bed space. I might take rear seats out for storage. If you get time could you send pics of yours. Definitely looking for ideas on layout etc.


Oh nice. I live on the mass ct line in Hartland. Where in mass are you?


Welcome! My father grew up in Middlebury, CT and we go there to visit every couple of years. Look forward to seeing you more on here!


I live in West Springfield. Good luck this year it’s pretty much my first year coming up too. I started the end of last season and only have a few houses under my belt. I’m really looking forward to a productive year this year. I’m so thankful I found this forum it’s seriously a game changer. If you ever want to get together let me know.


Thank you Rick, your videos and posts have been very informative for me in the past year. I’m going to start a build thread as soon as I get all the equipment. Hopefully someone can learn from my mistakes. Lol


I like you better already! :grin:

Also, anything you can’t reach to paint and that doesn’t get hot, it’s a good idea to coat with Fluid Film…it’s messy, but magical!


Good idea. We use fluid film here at the state on all trucks. I’m going to try get the underbody/frame done w paint tonight. Someone had posted a pic of a channeled rub mat they used in bed from Walmart. Looks like a good idea but not sure if it’ll trap moisture defeating the purpose


For sure Anthony, I’m only 45 min from west Springfield. I did some washing jobs in Westfield this summer. Good luck to you and keep me posted on your business adventure.


Can we talk a out the beehives or whatever those are in there???

That truck will be excellent.


This is the one I got, what I don’t like about it is that you can only sweep it one way when it gets dirty.


Hahaha. Those are white face hornets nests. The one on left is biggest one I’ve ever seen. Needed a bucket truck to reach.


Love my hunting! It’s one of the reasons why I want to go out on my own