Cost to homeowner for water useage?


Have a customer asking if i bring my own water, they are elderly and worried about increase in water bill.

I did tell them no. it should only by a minimal increase, maybe a few bucks.

Never had someone ask that before… any insight? I tried a brief search with out much luck


I use about 600 gallons average on a house. Few bucks tops! Never had anyone complain in 3 years now…


Water inn my area is about $3 per 1000 gallons. Average raise in water build should be about a buck or so.


Yeah i told her, $5 maybe… but that was purely a guess.

Thanks guys.


Most municipalities have a flat rate for the first 20000 gal. More than most people use in a month. I seriously doubt there will be any change in the bill.


$1.50 per thousand in N florida


Per 1,000 gallons in Texas is $12.80 where I live.




600 gallons a house…your on the trigger for 80 minutes non stop? (8gpm machine). We carry our own water, you may be surprised on how less of water you actually use. Average about 300 gallons for your standard 2story subdivision home.


Either way… that customer is not a customer you want


To get our water we go through three other water companies, or have a well. There is one town after us and I think they are at the $15.22 mark


Homeowner is paying for job, house is a rental with a upper 80/low 90 couple that pay the water bill…


Give the tenants $20 and call it a day


I had a customer complain today because I left his spigot open while I was cleaning the gutters. A hose was attached. The hose had a ball valve on it! There was no water coming out! I literally had to explain to this guy that an open spigot is not using water if there is another valve holding the water in.


Had a customer this morning that took a picture of her water meter before I started. They were worried about the amount of water I would use and wanted proof before I started. She called me this evening to inform me I had used 210 gal. Local cost is $6 per 1000 gal. I had informed her it would be less than 300 gal. She was pleasantly surprised…


You can’t fix stupid, not even with duct tape


I did a house today and the homeowner was on well. When she told me I couldn’t use her water I told her it would be $180 extra for me to trailer water in. She had a fill station 4 miles from her house.

I washed it today and it was the easiest extra $180 I’ve ever billed! I was planning on an extra 2 hours of labor but cut 10% off my rate since it was easy work. Ended up taking me an extra 30 minutes to run 2 loads of water.