Corrosion Stop


Okay, gonna hold @squidskc to the pedal on this one. Picked this up today and Im gonna treat an exposed vise on my trailer with it. Let’s see how it goes…


Yeah, he conned me into getting some of that stuff too, lol. It actually works pretty good. Has done a good job protecting my trailer vise and a few other things. After it sits awhile you may want to lightly wipe down, otherwise it kind of gets dirty and a little greasy. Used on my trailer breakaway chains and now everytime I hook up got crud all over my hands and still getting a little rust on them. Need to respray them. But well worth the money and a good recommendation.


You may want to spray everything down several times a year. I did a vid on my stuff about this subject and you can see how well things had held up over the years.


Got a link for the vid?


Yea let me look it up


This has stuff about locks for the winter. Also talks about spray lube
IN the description of the video is links to the 4 different products I use on Amazon. Where I live it is cheaper than the hardware store…


It does get dirty like @racer said, but a quick wipe down and reapplication every 6 months and you’ll fall in love with the stuff like I have.


I haven’t used that stuff yet, but I’m a HUGE fan of FluidFilm. It sticks like glue to whatever you spray it on and it’s excellent at stopping and preventing rust. It’s really only good for stuff you won’t be handling very often though…it will get on anything and anyone who gets near it.

(Not good for fittings, etc though…nothing with rubber or plastic involved, per the instructions)


AND works great on your garage doors…springs