Corrosion of equipment

Hey Guys i have a question. I know the SH is very Corrosive but after EVERY job i rinse everything like crazy with fresh water and im still getting some issues. First, i use a 12 GPM gun handle ( from Bob ) used it for about 5 roofs and now it leaks even when the trigger isnt pulled. I have some brass coupling that are just messed up too and not very old. I want to know if i switch everything over to stainless if it will help. But i really would like to know if i can fix my trigger or just have to get another. Also is everyone just rinsing with water or something else ?:confused: Thanks

Most all of us use either the poly roof gun or we fab up our own with PVC and ball valves. Pressure washing guns won’t cut it for what we do

Get one!

Reinforced Polypropylene Trigger Gun with 1/2" female inlet & outlet ports. Stainless spring to withstand the harshest chemical condition. - TRIGGER GUNS HIGH PRESSURE / LOW PRESSURE / CHEMICAL / REBUILD KITS

We’ve tried almost everything, just a plain pvc ball valve seems to work best. Not as convenient as a trigger gun but you get used to it after 1-2 roofs and no leaks.

Ok I have no issues with my guns, pums and even truck cause I use bleach wash!!!’

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