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I have a Landa Belt drive 5gpm @3500 psi machine. It sounds like from what I’m reading I want to get the 16” Whisper Wash unit, but I’ve seen two. One goes by the name Eagle Wash and one by the name Ultra clean I think, is there a difference? Also what tips do you recommend? Thanks!

Whisper Wash Ultra Clean 19”, get the 4 nozzle bar.

2502’s for four nozzle, 2503 for two. Should put you in the 2500psi range for concrete.


So you’d go 19” over 16” ? I get nervous every time I’m about to order another big piece of equipment.

You’ll more than likely upgrade soon, a 5gpm will work just fine with a 19”.

I just went through this whole upgrade mess, had a 16” for a while but that extra 3” really cuts the work load. Just be sure to get the four nozzle, even if you just use the outer two for now.

I second that! Did the first half of this season with the 2-nozzle, and the last few weeks after purchasing the 4. It’s a big difference in speed and quality


Ultra and eagle are the same thing. Stick with the 16inch. Until you go to 8gpm

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Do not get the 4 nozzle bar unless you have 8gpm or more. If and when you ever upgrade to an 8, which many never do, then you can upgrade your bar to 4 nozzle and keep the 2 nozzle for a spare. The 2 nozzle will clean just as well.


Like I said, he can get the 4 nozzle and plug the inside two until he upgrades. No sense in paying another $60 later like I did a few months later.

You guys know a lot more than I do obviously, I’m just fairly fresh from having to upgrade all my equipment on a constant basis so if he can save the headache of doing that now, that’s all I’m suggesting. :ok_hand:

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Hey Rick, can you walk me through that bit of info? I haven’t seen it while digging through posts on here and I’m sure I’m missing something.
In my mind, the benefit of the 4-nozzle comes from the wider fan pattern, and (with tips producing the same psi) it would still produce better results than a 2-nozzle , at any gpm. What’s the part that I’m missing there? Either way I know he’ll be walking slower than with our 7 or 8 gpm machines.

They don’t sell a 4 nozzle for the 16 inch. If you put a 4 nozzle to work with a 5.5 gpm machine the nozzles will be so small they will always be clogged. You can’t run the 4 nozzle with two holes plugged because it won’t spin correctly and 19 inch is way too big for 5.5 gpm. All that clear as mud?


Yes, that definitely helped, thank you. I didn’t think about clogged nozzles, I knew I was missing something!

What? Lol. I ran my 19” just fine with my 5.5. What’s this ‘spin correctly’ thing?

Lot’s of reasons. First, I’m not sure that it isn’t more of a marketing ploy. Remember, the 4 nozzle bar just came out 3-4 years ago and a lot of us were cleaning concrete, and cleaning it well, before then. The main reason though is with 4 nozzles on a smaller machine is you don’t get enough lift. It’s like pushing a wheel barrow loaded with 4 nozzles on a smaller machine. Ask me how I know. Plus as William said, the nozzles on short bar smaller machine would be tiny. On my min-mondo, it’s basically 2 - 16" bodies put into one housing and it cleans just as well if not better that than my 24" with 4 nozzles.

My 4gpm machine with my 2 nozzle bar cleans better than the same 19" sc with a 4 nozzle bar with the 8. It is slower though as you would expect. Whisper wash makes a great machine in that it’s lightweight, durable, relatively cheap and cleans pretty well. Part of the purpose of the 4 nozzle bar was to give you more rotations over a certain point as you’re moving forward.

If you look at probably a slightly better engineered product like Mosmatic, they ship all their SC with 2 - 1503 nozzles. You can special order a 3 or 4 nozzle setup that are spaced out with one nozzle on each bar and as I’ve said, nothing cleans like one of their 3 or 4 nozzle machines setups and the reason is a particular point on the surface is getting hit more directly and quicker with more force. The drawback is their machines are heavier and about 30% more expensive.


Thank you for the clarification. That all makes great sense, although I’m definitely surprised about the 4gpm/2 nozzle vs. 8gpm/4nozzle results! All I’ve used is my 7gpm/3k with a WW Ultra 19, but when I switched from the 2-nozzle to the 4-nozzle, it was night and day.

The 4 nozzle bar has been around for years, my first ever surface cleaner was a 19 inch 1 bar 4 nozzle I bought used, I’m almost certain it was a mosmatic but I’m not entirely sure, I paid through the roof for it. It cleaned like crap because I was running a 4gpm pump off a gx340, I had no idea about nozzles and flow it was all new to me when I started this gig. There’s a lot of debate about witch cleans better, they’ll both clean well with a decent pre treat, the real question is witch one stripes less, that’s 90% of concrete related problems, the 4 nozzle stripes less hands down.

4 holes are spaced to spin work 4 nozzles. Aren’t you always complaining that you still have stripes on your concrete? Are you running two plugs in a four bar :slight_smile: I love the eagle wash 16 with 8gpm.

Man, it doesn’t matter what size surface cleaner, nozzle size/number or how many gpm I’m using, it still does this on smooth, super dirty concrete…

I Usually have to clean it in a cross hatch pattern and use a strong post treat.

Your either going too fast or your machine is lacking the psi. Both is a possibility as well.

I I get that on my 4/4 aswell, if I go back and post treat 9 times out of ten it will clean up fine

you’re talking a mosmatic 4 nozzle, they’re talking WW 4 nozzle - whole different animal

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