Coronavirus/business slowing down, stock exchange

Has anyone noticed a decrease in leads/work in the last 2-3 weeks? Wondering if the fear in the economy is having people reconsider spending money a luxury service?

HOAs dont care


Probably not economy related, but for sure people are starting to freak out… cause of this virus

This past Friday I met a client and she said, She was not shaking hands at the moment due to the virus and I totally respect that, I’m that way too.


Hoping it’s just the rain in the forecast. It’s a good reason as we did have a bunch of sunny days for a month straight.

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Not here in Fl, doing 2.5 times as last yr.

We’ve been a selling whole house exterior disinfectant service, folks loving it ;>)


@garry.cooper so regular house washing then? Lol


Well, you’re not lying! Clients might start asking if you can give them a rinse down while you’re out there.

Not sure if I would wanna sell that service. They get sick and blame you for not disinfecting enough and causing them to get sick. People are like that



Heck yeah, easy up sell :+1:

Business as usual, spring time calls rolling in!

Probably not a good idea.

No worries I have a phd in fungus, mildew, and black algae stain removal :mask:

My advisor (aka the wife) suggested I don’t capitalize on it in an Obvious fashion but rather to advertise spring cleaning, clean and sanitize your home! Not making any claims but just a good bleach and hot water wash if customers ask about it


But what good would a clean external
wall do for someone being marketed that way

Might as well get the surface cleaner out and touch up some of last years concrete striping :joy::joy:


I think it’s going to have some serious consequences in certain markets, not just because of the virus itself, but because of the economic impact. Restaurant business is already slowing down in many parts of the country, lot of people not working for big companies will suffer if any type of quarantine. The markets are down substantially, particularly most commodities, so farm incomes down drastically. Less to spend on keeping equipment up as well as buying new equipment. The oil market is crashing. New worldwide price war starting, oil down to around $30 barrel as I write this.

This is going to be huge for some of you who service oil based companies and communities if it lasts very long. Many of the smaller oil companies highly leveraged with a ton of debt that they will not be able to service. So many of these companies will be doing layoffs if not shutting down completely.

It’s all going to trickle down, in certain areas, that are affected.


We have schools and Universities closing down where I am at. This is going to hit hard. They’re will be some incredible bargains in the stock market in 4-8 weeks.


y, you’ve got to feel sorry for all the small biz that depend on the business from universities and large businesses, sandwich shops, bars or whatever. Innocent bystanders whose lives are going to be seriously impacted.


Totally. Tough on the small businesses and tough on the working stiffs living paycheck to paycheck. A lot bankruptcies coming up. :confused:

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