Copper roofs?

Does anyone ever cleaned a copper roof? If so want did you use and what process?

What are you trying to accomplish?
Is there biological growth or are you looking to remove the patina?

I wanted to ask this a while back and forgot. For you chemistry nuts, will a general house wash mix adversely affect the copper roof? Corrode it and such?

It’s mainly patina, and tarnish.

[MENTION=7995]IPSofWR[/MENTION], I was wondering the same thing. I have a housewash coming up with 1 window that has some copper above it. I came across this from PTSTATE … Copper Roofs … I think it basically says the housewash mix shouldn’t hurt it and if you want to remove the patina and go back to the new copper look use a oxalic acid like Bob’s F8. So if a customer wants to restore this copper piece to like new would it be ok to get some ox on the windows and siding as long as it was pre-wet good? Anything else the Pros want to add?

Just assume that the customer does NOT want the patina messed with. If they wanted it to look like new copper they would have; 1, Elected to have aluminum roofing anodized to look like copper so that it could have that cheap fake copper look for years, or, 2, They would have already had someone out there polishing and lacquering the copper.

You and I have no business pretending that we are in the copper restoration business. Treat the copper with the same pre-wet rinse that you would give to a $5,000.00 Japanese maple and wash everything else.


[MENTION=6510]Tim4[/MENTION] as always your info is greatly appreciated. Thanks !! Note to self do not mess with copper restoration :slight_smile:

Thanks! Duly noted.