Cook Book for Washing

I know there is an F9 cook book - is there anything else out there?

This forum. Luckily you found it.

I have thought about putting a “book” together and selling it. How much would you pay for a “How-to-Professionally-Pressure Wash” book that is on-point, fact based and filled with real world no BS advice?

Was thinking of something that would cover chems, machines, set-ups/rigs, how-to of house washing, concrete, restaurant/gas stations,etc.


I would take a chance on it for 50 bucks


I’d buy it. A picture of you on the cover drinking a White Russian would be fitting lol


That could at least double if not triple the price of it.

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With all of the specialty knowledge you have on stuff like sealers and using all of the Porosco stuff I would think at least $100 easily. Could probably get more from some newbies wanting everything in one place.

Heck, put more than just washing recipes in it or do a series. Trailer/truck layout, equipment, etc. You’ve also done enough sales in the restaurant industry you could probably do one on marketing and sales too. “The Dude” is going to being able to retire to his own private island after writing numerous best sellers.


Haha I was asking because I was thinking of putting one together as well. This site is great but awful to search when the bar is down and there are posts made by noobs on a daily basis. Instead of using search bar just refer them to a book @CFH

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I’d happily pay $50 for a chem-only cookbook with pictures of the surface (and issues) to be treated. I think it would be difficult to put EVERYTHING related to the industry into one book; I’ve been reading every topic I can get my hands on for over 30 hours now and don’t feel like I’ve even scratched the surface. Seriously though, I’m waving $50 at you right now for a chem Bible and I haven’t even bought my equipment yet

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I’m in for $50. First post here, not my first lesson though. I’ve learned bounds of info on this forum, thanks to everyone![quote=“Bear, post:1, topic:21286, full:true”]
I know there is an F9 cook book - is there anything else out there?

You sir just landed yourself on the watchlist

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Excellent resource:


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