Can you tell more about this? If you can’t I understand, but about 1/2 my leads seem a little off to me, the other 1/2 are instant sales.


What’s up with that? Bad deal?


I can’t get them to stop calling me. A few months ago they called and the guy got really hateful and started cussing. It was honestly to a point I hung up on him. Which is something I don’t do. It’s been years since I hung up on someone :joy:. He just called right back acting super nice and said we must have got disconnected. I informed him I actually hung up on him and that he just confirmed all the horror stories I hear from other contractors. Home advisor that is.


So unless each client had an exclusive in a 30 mile area for their particular trade, don’t see much advantage. If a client gets 3 texts from 3 different people saying they’ll call back soon or whatever, not sure that accomplishes much. Or they get a text from you but some other person actually calls them in 30 min before you, you’re at same disadvantage.


It’s a good point - but currently we are very small and have only 200 clients nationwide (in all different industries) - very few HVACs. So getting in now is a great opportunity for you. Eventually texts will be like calls in the sense that many have call centers calling instantly - so adding this now is a huge opportunity. If you want to learn a bit more, please email me - Thanks!


I couldn’t figure out how to link your post, so here it is copied and pasted for the benefit of those considering taking their chances with those crooks:

“Ok… so I’ve been calling homeadvisor regularly trying to track down lead credits and more recently started receiving bad and duplicate leads which was everyone’s primary complaint. I hadn’t really experienced it. Lately, it’s been increasingly more difficult to get fake leads credited.

HA gave me a lay up. Shawn, the original guy who promised the lead credits messaged me via the business facebook page asking if I’d be willing to talk to a guy in Knoxville considering HA. It felt like Christmas. I was going to ask about the fake leads and where all the lead credits were. Long story short, he couldn’t get the other guy on the phone so I told him where I was on everything and told him it’s been about 4 months since I could recommend HA in good conscience. Oh… and I’ve been recording and filming phone calls to HA for the past couple months. Oh… and I’m recording this call right now via Tape A Call AND web cam…

If they still owe you lead credits, I’ve got them by the short and curlies and should expect a resolution tomorrow. Mark, Dan, Patrick (Monique), and Chris S… if you haven’t seen sight nor sound of your lead credits and they don’t call you in the next few days, let me know and post the videos and audio to YouTube.

Lastly, I called last week to ask for a refund, not credits for 1 fake lead, 1 wrong job lead, and 1 duplicate lead. I got stonewalled and when I asked for the supervisor, I’m about 90% certain he just transferred my call to the guy in the cubicle next to him. That audio is pretty priceless, but I’m saving those in case litigation is required.

So you heard it here first… And some of you are probably pumped to hear it. Lol I don’t blame you. But HA finally does what HA does to me too.”


I canceled my membership last week. I don’t have anything positive to say about HA.


So if I’m reading this correctly you try and close the job while you have them on the phone? Ive thought about doing this but I know I hate pressure sales.


I’m thinking it’s less about closing the sale on the phone, and more about being the first one to schedule an appointment to go see/quote the job.

Vendors calling after the client has already scheduled an estimate appointment are likely to hear something like ‘I already have a someone coming to look at it, but if that doesn’t work out I’ll get back to you.’

Buyers typically don’t want 2,3,4,5 people coming to provide estimates. That’s inconvenient.


My time is rapidly becoming scarce. I just don’t have time to estimate in person unless there are several elements of the job that I need to see, like the size and condition of a deck or a combination of tasks that will get the ticket up around $1K or better. When it comes to $150-$300 jobs, I just don’t have the time to visit those jobs but once. You bet I close them on the phone, “Does that sound like a fair price to you? GOOD, then lets get it scheduled.”


After 1 day with Uri and @ContractorTexter, I can tell you that their system DOES get to the prospects quickly. I sold a $499 job this afternoon from a HA lead, and had to turn down a set appointment BC I don’t clean blinds. When she said she had already done the pressure washing in preparation for putting it on the market, I lost interest. BTW, I do EXTREMELY well with House Sale Preps.

So far, I’m quite impressed with Uri’s ContractorTexter.


@MrSparkleVA - Great to hear! Indeed of your first 4 leads with us, 3 engaged with the texts - two texted you back and the other clicked the link (link in the text which goes to your site) - which is excellent engagement. Real happy you’re seeing immediate benefits!