Constructive feedback wanted - new website


I just finished my website and would appreciate any feedback.

If others would post theirs I’d love to learn what works for you.


I am an expert in this field. UI/UX design, Internet marking etc. Hand coded tons of websites, designed tons, made a lot of money in my life doing this.

Basic run down of the home page. Might look into the internal pages later.

Your black first section is good,
Who we are is good
Knowledge is good
The professional, payments whatever section needs to be removed.
Replace that section with faces, 5 star reviews, testimonials.
Lets get started is good.
Contact us is redundent, remove it

Homepage mobile:
Seems good

Learn more text should say “Get Started” and take you directly to a conversion page. Minimize their time on your site where they can’t directly convert. If anything is on your site that does not relate to a conversion, get rid of it.

About page should be removed. Replace it with testimonials
The home link in the navigation should be removed.

Links should be

Residential , commercial , quotes … logo … Testimonials , before/after, shop should be contact.

Shop makes it seem like you are a store. Get rid of more and keep options minimal and centered around conversions.


Front page says “convieniences of digital commererce at an…”

About page, your photo is waaay to close up to your face.

Commercial page says "treated will only become worse.overtime. "

"Fortuneately window cleaning is very inexpensive. "

Under residential page you mention oxalic, i wouldn’t be so specific.

Also ‘if y’ is not bold, “If you are not completely satisfied…”

Gutter cleaning and whitening should probably be separated, or explain better that whitening is the outside and cleaning is the inside.

Under shopping page, Houston strong and proud packages say “hurry up! Expire soon!” You’re missing an S.

Proud and strong have black sale tag covering half the words respectively.

Total concrete appears to have no image.

Rust removal has no base price.

The coupon, blog, and photo gallery pages have no content.

That’s about all i found :slight_smile:


What template is that in squarespace?

Biggest thing I noticed not already pointed out is on your home page at the bottom, the click through images for residential services & commercial services… Both images have commercial & residential on them.

Looks pretty good though man.


I haven’t looked at all of it, just the home page.

IMO, it is too dark… the pictures in the background can hardly even be made out… plus it causes the upper right corner of your logo to disappear.

I would lighten them, and maybe even just pick one picture instead of having two.

Also, i would evenly space the insured, wcra, and pwra logos.


This is all great feedback. As you guessed it is still being put together. It has some holes as you have found.

Honestly I published it early so I could post it here and get your feedback.

What about the pricing aspect? I know the varies by your market feedback but does it seem low, reasonable, or high?

It is a squarespace site. I’ll let you know the template when I get back on.

@awesomewash2 I would love to get your advice on the next few iterations.


If you want we can skype or something sometime and I can give you some advice. I have coached many people on WordPress websites. Granted I set the site up, coded or tweaked the themes. Same things though. I have no idea the limits of squarespace though. I am assuming it has been simplified and many of the technical aspects are taken out.

No idea on pricing in your area.

Your prices for patios are a undefined. What is large, what is small. I think my 5000sqft patio is small can you do it for $20, see where I am going with this.


Thank you for your feedback. I have been staring at the misspellings too long.


“Beleive” in top paragraph of commercial


It is the pacific template from Square space.


So I was looking at my analytics and apparently you guys are all over of the country. One hundred and twelve unique visitors yesterday from Fresno California to canton Ohio to Venice Florida. It is pretty amazing to see. Also some visitors from China. Think I might have to charge for that on site quote.