Connecting hi-draw injector to pump

If I buy the hi-draw injector from Pressure tek. How can I connect it to my outlet. Would it work if I connect it it to the outlet I currently have then just close out the old nipple for soap. Not sure if its built in but looks like in can be removed from.the side but it wont be compatible with the hidraw injector. So was just wondering if connecting it straight would be fine

You have to get the proper male and female QC fittings first.

Yes but given the fitting are all good and connected it should work normal right? Would it be necessary to cover the 1st down stream nozzle or leaving it be would be just the same

What are you planning on doing with this machine? What are the specs.

Clean homes and driveways. 4gpm 4000psi. I just feel that my downstream Injector pulls slow so was wondering if the high draw one would help me pull more.

The pump that came on that machine is mass produced garbage, don’t be offended, AR designed it not you. On your next purchase get a pump with a seperate unloader so you don’t have to throw the pump in the rubbish bin when something happens to the unloader, or crack the outlet unloading it. As for the injector, I’m not sure I’ve never played with this type of pump. Give it a try you’ve already purchased the washer.

Thanks for the heads up, unfortunately yes I already bought the washer, hoping it would last me enough to earn money and get something better. Yeah I’ll probably order it and see if it works or not. If not then il just save it for the future. What are good brands of pumps btw just so i would know for future reference

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Search for it on here. There are a few other threads where members talked about plugging the built in injector and adding one before their hose reel. I think they just took the guts out, removed the barb, and capped it off.

What’s that clear plastic quick connect right below the inject where your water supply is? Is that some kind of filter with media inside? Looks like a pretty small opening. I’d probably get rid of that. Add a better filter. I use those Blue Top filters and like them.

Ok will search it. Yes that’s the stock filter that came with it sadly but yes I already have a better filter. That’s moss in there btw flew into my water supply while I was playing around and blasting away to test and get a hang on things. Still got a lot to learn though and thanks to this forum I did learn a lot

Here’s an example of a good starter pressure washer.


He just needs to bolt on a better pump. I’m assuming he has a 13hp on there already.

Definitely an option.

Engine is a 13hp loncin. Wish I had a Honda engine

What unit is this so i can try to see if its available here in the Philippines

These pressure washers don’t really have a model name, they are just a motor and pump marketed as a pressure washer. Most vendors assemble it themselves. You need to play with your machine and see how much draw you can get out of it or look for a good pump. In your case a quality pump will probably sound expensive because the motor you have is really cheap but it’s worth having a good pump even if you get 200 hours out of the Loncin and replace it.

I keep thinking your from Spain or Brazil :joy:. A lot of new members recently.

Lol thanks a lot man I appreciate it. Yeah I reached out to the technicians of where I bought this unit from and they can assemble it for me give I have the parts. The Honda engine I believe we have here and would be able to find the pump though might need to get that from somewhere else. I guess I need to to make.the most out of this unit and upgrade before it dies on me lol