Congress and the VP got a raise

No, seriously. They really did.


It is a Joke!! On us unfortunately.

Well I guess when you can vote yourself a raise, you’re gonna do it. Of course a raise fails in comparison to the other perks they get.

Everyone of them need to be thrown out!

Guy, if you and Michael would pay your fair share there wouldn’t be a budget problem!

They give themselves a raise while they push us over the fiscal cliff. Don’t worry, they can raise taxes to pay for it.

I wish!!! Honestly, I do!!

I wish they would give me the option of how to apply the taxes I send.

I am a firm believe that the strength of any country lies entirely on the strength of the economy.

I’m sorry there’s a piece of paper somewhere that says there shall be no taxation without representation…So I will be refusing to pay taxes until I am properly represented in Washington.

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Lol… Had me there until I read your last line… Good one;)

Thoughts…ummm don’t you usually get fired if under your leadership the bottom line is at the…bottom and dropping??
The flip side on my end where I like to look at things as fairly as possible… There are 4 things I like about Obama that don’t outweigh the negatives with him… 1-We killed Osama under his watch,2-my girls can stay under my medical plan if need be until there 26 3-He can take a good shot to the mouth playing Basketball 4-He beat Hillary Clinton…

Speaking of Hillary… Expect to hear her name popping up all over the place within the next few years–Just when you think things couldn’t get any worse.

Sorry Thad I didn’t answer correctly… My MBBD disorder kicked in and didn’t absorb what you were asking (MBBD=Multiple Bulletin Board Disorder).
You said the Congress and VP got a raise…hmmm pretty much same answer… Almost. Maybe instead of firing all of them…maybe only 90% of them and put the rest on a probationary watch…

We need a Guy Blackman type in their so he can look them in the face and say-- Your a Moron, your an idiot and you whatever your title is, your a coward…lol Got to luv the straight shooters and we know Guy is straight and he can shoot.

On second hand I’ll be Guys VP so I can tell a few people a few things… This would our victory speech. My fellow Americans the #%£#{# bleep bleep congress was told to bleep#%@& by first thing in the morning or there toast… Ahhhhhh that feels good to tell it straight;)

The “takers” are in control and the “makers” have no place to go - what is the answer, how do we fix the problem?

Invade Washington, not violently but invade Washington with millions of tax payers. Think of it as the Wall Street deal but on a global scale. Bring the attention of the world and the rest of the US on our supposed leaders. Let them know that if they don’t do their job they will be removed immediately and replaced with someone else.

I’m talking Boston tea party stuff here folks!!!

Unemployment just hit 10% here and the new Year is not here yet. This country doesn’t straightened it’s self out soon you may very well see the above. Some states are borderline bankrupt. On paper they pretty much are. Over here if we were to get hit with another Sandy type storm this part of this country will be very bankrupt. 200,000 small businesses got swallowed up in hurricane Sandy here,NJ &CT. The surviving small businesses are about to get hit with a tax levy.

To make this even simpler if I understood this correctly. If a small business let’s say grosses $500,000 which is a magic # you keep hearing-even though the owner may be now grossing out of that let’s say $80,000.(probably more like $60,000 if he has multiple employees) He or she is going to get hit with around $4000 in extra taxes.

You’ll see small businesses shutting shop now because of tax burdens that in most cases is unfair.