Congratulations to Laurie Benjamin and family!

I just wanted to give a big congrats to Laurie on the new addition to his family.
He’s a fine little man, Laurie!

Congtaz, my wife is due june 13. It will be are first boy, but 5th kid lol

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Congrats to both Laurie and Josh. Kids are awesome!



Congratulations to you and your Wife Laurie!!!

Congrats. My wife and I are awaiting our first little one in a few months. It’s awesome. Happy for you.

The next generation of new leaders-Congrats.

Thanks guys. Really loving it

Well thats great news! Congrats Laurie!

Thats really cool Laurie Benjamin, your a Blessed man.

This is awesome. Found out today we are having a little girl. Our first baby. If I needed any more motivation to drive sales, this certainly does it.

Hey Brian-- you are 100 correct. There’s nothing like your own baby girl looking you in the eye when she’s born and if that isn’t a great motivator then nothing is.
For yrs guys broke my horns calling me a part timer, weekend warrior, doesn’t coun’t etc etc etc… You know what? When my first baby girl was born over 18 yrs ago it immiedietly put my wife into retirement because I told my wife pretty much what you said.

I started my PW business then, kept my other fulltime job- & proceeded to work like a dog. When my 2nd daughter was born in 2000 I kept going some more. Also got involved with the PWNA then and eventually served on there board. All along I kept both jobs… That’s why you see me defending these so called “Parttimers” where some others don’t and won’t.

It all started out with my baby girl who’s going to College come this fall… A great motivator indeed bro;)