Anyone know what all the different variations in this concrete is from? About a third of this neighborhood is like this.

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Different pours, different days, different times. County owns the sidewalks, driveways are owned by the homeowners. County replaces sidewalks all the time(sewer lines/tree damage etc…)

I also looks like where they may have had to cover with plastic to keep rain off. It happened to us a few times building spec homes.

sometimes concrete companies will put coloring in the concrete pre-mixed for customers who want colored slabs, and should completely clean truck afterwards. Could be that this was not performed completely, or like triston28w stated tarp stain.

My daughter would love that though, OOOH daddy PINK driveway!!!

Looks very odd. So no matter how good you clean it, its always going to be colored like that I assume?

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Is that neighborhood in a golfing community, sort of looks like an battery acid stain. It also looks like some concrete down here that algae has eaten through the cream coat. Algae stains look like jigsaw puzzle pieces, where it eat into the concrete if it’s left too long. Sometimes it is orange underneath too, just like that.

No courses too close. But people do use carts to get around the neighborhood.

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