Concrete Stains

Hey guys, I was wondering if you could tell me what you think would take care of these stains? It’s in front of hotel so it’s mostly traffic stains and some trash run off. Previous pwer told manger they wouldnt come clean (previous)! I’m sure it’s on older posts but I wanted to make sure I the most recent chems to do job. Also what about red clay stains, any hints? Also I need to make a few more posts so I can pm some of the other guys on the site:rolleyes: Thanks in advance

Hot water and a strong degreaser should work. Keep the strong degreaser off the stamped concrete to avoid harming the sealer. I’d use a mild muriatic acid mix to remove red clay stains.

Have to agree with last posts. Crank that bad boy up and move slowly over the area.

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Cut the juice you and I discussed earlier today at 1:10, spray the whole area. Let it sit for 3 -4 minutes, and surface clean.

Is stamped concrete what is shown in the 3rd picture? Left side of pic, kind of shiny?

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Garrett, yes.

I agree with Eco Clean. All you need is a strong degreaser and hot water. I consider those standard traffic stains. Majority of our properties look like this when we show up. You can definitely land a regular maintenance program with this customer if you pitch it right.

Thanks guys you’ve helped a bunch!! Ill be doing job tomorrow morning. Ill let you guys know how it turns out w pics.
Thanks again

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Thanks all, turned out great and it picked up 5 more hotels with an every 6 month contract!

Brian Richardson
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Hey Micah, thanks for your reply on my stain problem. I have a chic-fil-a I have to bid on fairly quickly for a weekly-monthly cleaning and alot of details that would take me a while to explain. Could I give you a call about this so you can give me your expertise advice. Thanks