Concrete sealing after post treat?

I have a couple long driveways coming up next week. One is an affluent customer and when I mentioned the drive will be post treated, he wanted to know how long before it can be sealed.

My obvious answer is wait until a good rain and thoroughly dry, but this time of year is iffy when it’ll rain next so thought I’d check with you guys first.

I would either 1) not post treat or 2) post treat, wait, and rinse it.
You don’t want the residual salt messing with the sealer.


Post treat dries pretty fast. I’d be willing to bet it’s not doing anything once it has dried. If I were in your shoes I’d post treat, take a Mountain Dew break, rinse it off & be on my way.

That’s a lot of rinsing.

For free, it’s a lot of rinsing, yes. For a fair price, not so much. But rain is free, as you already suggested.

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not post-treating saves even more…

Surface clean, post treat, then do final rinse last

It’s a 7500 sq/ft driveway so SC, rinse, post treat and rinse again is not gonna be feasible.

I’ll just suggest he waits until after a good rain.

But then it will be dirty from driving over it so it will need to be cleaned again before sealing otherwise run the risk of the sealer failing

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I would probably pre treat strong to eliminate the need for post treating afterwards so it can be sealed when it’s dry. That is if you usually need to post treat for any lines left by surface cleaner.

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