Concrete cleaning pricing


This is like countypowerwashers on drugs


Sounds like very sore legs to me, I would run from that one while i still could lol.
Or sub it out to a company that has the equipment to get it done in a reasonable timeframe.
The floor scrubber Nashville Wash suggested is worth considering.


Ok I appreciate the info but I wasn’t trying to mislead anyone. Those are the specs to the pumps I bought thats all I had to go by. I guess I can get a pressure gauge and check to see what I’m actually producing. Anyway I have about 26 horsepower there between
the two so I should be close to a 3500psi 8gpm machine when running in tandem. That was my main point when letting you know what equipment I had.


No where close to it when you have back flow valves in play. Ever tried to blow through one? You can’t. Takes a good bit of pressure to open it. Also, your psi has almost nothing to do with how well and fast you can clean. You MUST know your actual gpm. I can run a 28"-32" sc on my 8. You’re gonna be lucky if you can walk at a leisurely pace trying to push a 20" sc. Not trying to be mean, but I have real world experience with 2 real 4 gpm machines ran together with back flow valves. Still had to walk at a boring pace with a 20". I’m just trying to save you the headache I went through. I washed about 75 dock doors for Walgreens distribution center the way you’re wanting to do, and it sucked. That was with no reclaim (didn’t use chems), and only washing the slippery crud in between trailers and around steps. Nothing asthetic, so it didn’t even have to look good. Put my ocd way in overdrive.


In all honesty, I would refrain from quoting. In my opinion you are nowhere near ready to take on a job this size given your equipment and your lack experience. If the customer want this every 30 days or so, you would start directly after you finish, continuously, making 0 sense. This is a job for a sizeable crew with way better equipment than you or I have.

If you think the floor scrubber can get the job done right, you can quote it much cheaper, do it faster and avoid trouble. I would hate to hear about you getting hurt, sued or lose money.


Will the building be empty?

And if they want it done so often maybe you only need to do one major wash, then only maintain the floors monthly.

Do you have pics?