Composite type deck trouble

I have been pressure washing a deck that has some stubborn algae stains in it even with higher pressure and bleach and detergent combo. The deck is a light brown or tan color so the stains really show. Any suggestions?

Higher pressure will only make things worse. What kind of bleach and detergent are you using… what ratios?

It’s important to note that there’s some composite decking that simply will not look perfect. The decking made out of virgin plastic is a lot easier to clean vs. the composite made out of recycled plastic.

i was just using some outdoor clorox and some simple green in a pump sprayer then rinsing. Any suggestions?

That mix will work as long as your not adding water and you lose the simple green. Lose the pressure washer and spray the deck with your the outdoor Clorox. Let it dwell for 5-10 minutes and rinse. This should work fine. Trust that the bleach will work and have some patience while it works.

No pressure

- YouTube check out this video

No need for that stuff.

The recycled deck has bits of black ugly stuff in it. Composite decking is definitely one area that I prepare the customer beforehand and try to under promise and over deliver.

Thanks guys. I will be back over there within a day or two and I will keep you posted on the results

i know this is old but did you ever figure best way to clean composite deck