Complete Deck Restoration

We completely restored this deck. We set all the exposed nail heads and screws, added screws where needed, stripped what was left of the old failed and inferior sealer, cleaned, brightened and brushed the furrs and lightly sanded the extremely weathered wood, replaced a few bad boards, added a new rail cap all the way around, added structural support to the poorly designed hand rails and finally finished with AC! This made for one happy customer! I learned so much about what to do, what not to do and how to fix mistakes on this project it is unreal! I still have another deck and a few hundred feet of shadow box fence before this entire job is complete so I will have more b4 and after shots when it is all done. Thanks to all of you who have helped me along as I have worked this job!

Looks incredible, what is the price range for a full restore like this?

Not nearly enough! Lol 2-4$ a sqft

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Looks great!

That deck looks great! how long did that job take you?

Don’t ask! Lol
It’s a long story but roughly 80 man hours. It won’t take near as long next time. That’s just the deck. Not including the fence which I haven’t completed yet due to having to order more stain. FYI, shadow box fences are the devil and drink stain like crazy

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