Competitor- 35 years in business and couldn't reach top of 2 story house

A homeowner texted me for a price on a 1500sqft 2 story home. I bid 225$ and he said to give him a call towards the end of the week. I call today and he said he already had it done and wish he used me. I ask about the contractor he used. A local guy who advertises 35 years in business. He said the guy couldn’t reach the top of the house and had to wind up using the home owners pressure washer to do so. And worse of all he paid him $325. The guy has a decent website a bit better than mine since this is my first year and haven’t invested more time into it and he has like 30 5 star google reviews. But from what this homeowner was saying his truck was old and equipment doesn’t sound professional and does sub par work. Any suggestions that would help me out for similar situations for the future, better online presence, etc.?

Become a better salesman.
You can have the best equipment in the world but if you cant market or sale, your not going to win the bid.



Your competitor has the upper ground with a certain group of the population: those who go on reputation/length of business alone.

You have to differentiate yourself as the modern, professional, cutting edge choice. In order to attract those who take more factors into consideration when hiring a pro.

Focus on quality and ranking of your website. You want it to look modern, and make it as easy as pie for people to contact and hire you

Put out sharp looking yard signs from

Get some sharp, but simple and straightforward lettering on your vehicle(s).

Get as many pictures, and videos if possible, of you doing jobs that would be impossible for your competitor to tackle. Like hitting a 2 story peak with your shooter nozzle, for example.

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Go knock out the top half of his home for bragging rights maybe get a review out of it. Gesture like that goes a long way and the impression goes further when he talks you up to the town.