Commercial Walk Ways

Gonna be cleaning some dirty commercial sidewalks… The concrete get’s a ton of foot traffic, no oil just traffic.

I’d like to try some SH on them, But I can’t find 12.5% sh locally. And the places that have them need me to have a pool cleaning license.

If I use over the counter bleach, How would I mix it usuing a downstream injector?

I’m using a 5gpm unit, I have hot water also.

Use a pump up sprayer if need it stronger.

What a crock. A License for bleech. But feel free to buy gasoline at any corner.

Yeah, there very protective here as far as pool stores go… They want to see a license for chemicals and pool parts

What state are you in?


You know what’s funny (and kinda interesting)… papers auto ignition point is 451F and gasoline as a liquid (absent of vapors) auto ignition point is 490F. So if fire could exist in a vaporless vacuum paper is more dangerous than gas.


Buy Walmart Great Value bleach (8.25%) and downstream it straight, with some surfactant.

If you need it stronger, you have to either use xjet, 12V, or pump up.

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Only if paper explodes upon ignition. Or would that be null in the vaporless vacume as well.

I’m not really sure if gas would still explode without vapors.

Done! Great post. Thanks a bunch

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Came out great!!!

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Hmmm, maybe that is why the hardware store I got mine from only has 10% SH.

I’d be happy with 10% Here in cali, at least in my area mold isn’t an issue… Id be usuing it more for flat work to get that dark areas lighter

Walmart sells 10% bleach in the pool section… it’s labelled chlorinating liquid. It’s seasonal here, though, and out of stock… dont know about where you are at. Might check and see.

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I’m in Ca also. Sorry I didn’t clarify that. Try to find an ace hardware. Or a home depot. They have HDX chlorinating liquid 2 gal for under $7.00, 10% SH. Apparently home depot how a pool supply section…

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