Commercial target audience?

Hello. This will be my first post even though I’ve been a member for almost a year now. I’m just curious on what industries should I target for preasure washing (Apartment Complexes, retail centers, motels, and ect.)

Target what you are good at and what your equipment is designed for.

Also do your best to not tell mistruths. Every regular on here is going to click on your name and see that you joined 5 hours ago, posted this question immediately, and then read a whole 12 minutes before getting bored




Okay, all I’m saying is no one has really cornered the market on washing Spacecraft. THAT is where any newbie should start. Without a doubt.


You might be onto something here. Couple of quick questions to help me out.

1 - what size pressure washer do you recommend
2 - what ratio do I need
3 - how much should I charge
4 - who on this forum can hold my hand while doing it

Thanks guys! I’ve been a member here for 20 years just always forget to sign in :+1:


Might be a while before they call to have them washed again. I just did them yesterday.

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Yeah but I’m looking into getting the contract to wash all of Elon Musk’s satellites and rockets when they come back. Cutting edge type stuff.

You might be joking but Microsoft had their underwater data center pressure washed after they brought it up from the ocean. I’m curious as to who did it

“Microsoft’s underwater data centre resurfaces after two years - BBC News”


@bleachblaster won the contract.


Light her up and get it done mate


:rofl::rofl::rofl: y’all are too much

I plan on targeting places with surfaces I can clean with a hot water machine, pop gum and sort of clean up oil spots etc…

Fleets, heavy equip and commercial properties, new construction, any place high traffic commercial that needs regular cleaning, if you get a vacuum surface cleaner you can do the inside of warehouses, there is a lot of commercial work.

Can also go to the oil fields.