Commercial Pricing in VA

Hello, I’m new to the PWRA. We have been washing for about six months now here in VA. We do primarily residential but have recently been approach by a church group that has 19 buildings that average about 20,000 sq ft each. I need some help pricing these. Whats the average square foot price thats charged? We use the softwash process and most of the buildings are single story. Any help would greatly be appreciated. Thanks in advance!

What part of VA?

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Gary, first off welcome…

Second there is no “Average Price” for washing. Your “Average Price” & mine may be worlds apart because of equipment, insurance, taxes, and or experience. Your “Average Price” is what you can sell or… time + expenses + profit margin = price…Business 101

Northern VA

I just finished a 17,000sqft warehouse. We locked in $0.20/sqft… took 6hrs with two men. Xjet Softwash.