Commercial Pressure Washing Jobs

So im on my second year and ive picked up a few commercial jobs. Ive done some casino roof tops (white ‘‘vinyl’’ type roofs) some sidewalk/curb work on warehouses and this week I picked up the hardest job ive had to do so far. It was large commercial/residential building with insane amounts of foot traffic. To get to the point, as we were working the General Managers showed up to look at the work we were doing. Today the person who hired me (property manager) told me he loves the work, its good quality BUT said that the general managers told him that if they want to do business i should have had a bridge put under the hoses as they notices people with strollers having a hard time going through them and also we didnt use caution signs. So obviously i just learned 2 lessons, but i would like to ask other experienced guys that do commercial: What other things should i have/do to make things safer??

Any help is appreciated.

do it after hours

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Put up caution signs and cones. Hose bridges are stupid as your hoses are always moving around. Don’t let someone dictate to you how to do your work. Safety concerns such as signs are one thing. Bridges are another. It is up to them to cordon off areas that are being washed. If they can’t guarantee that the area will be free of pedestrians, don’t do the job.

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Write up a general information letter covering what you’ll be doing, when you’ll be doing it, and where you’ll be doing it. Also maybe apologize for any inconvenience in advance and put your contact information on it. Of course get it approved by the property and general manager and ask them if they would like to add anything. Then have them passed out to residents about a week before the schedule work. Maybe if the residents knew in advance they wouldn’t bring strollers into the area, MAYBE?

Just a thought,