Commercial Job!


I took a chance to pass by the school to take pictures of it’s current status. As I have mentioned before it’s a pretty big job, however, the positive is that the entire school does not need to be cleaned. Also note that the whole school is not in this bad of shape.

How would one approach a situation like this? Even though the school has basically just one source of water and it’s a typical garden water source.

PS. I can olny post one picture per post so the one I put will be kind of like the worst area I saw on the building. It’s where the indoor basketball courts where would appear to be.


So that you don’t waste everyone’s time and get everyone in a tither, why don’t you have your meeting with the priniciple first, find out the scope of work that they would like, the process that you and them are going to need to go through to get approved or if he/she has some preset annual authority. The time frame they would like, areas they want done. Then take some pics and get back to us with the info then. They’re not going to expect you to walk in the door with a price since you don’t have any info. Tell them you’ll get back to them in a week or two with a proposal if it’s worth the time. These type of projects don’t happen overnite.

I seriously doubt the principle is sitting there with 20k burning a hole in their pocket just waiting for someone to come along and clean the exterior of their school. There’s at least a 95% chance the principle not the final decision maker or even who you need to talk to, but it’s a start. Or worse case, the principle has a $500 budget and thinks they can get the whole school done. Most don’t have a clue what this costs. If that happens to be the case, tell them you may be able to get that one wall done for that, but you’ll get back to them after you measure.


As a full time teacher who does the exterior cleaning as an added income, I can say that the principal will most likely (like 85%+) will not even speak with him, especially if he is not on the approved district vendor list. Vendors have to be screened to allow personnel on campus, in which case generally only they will be given the chance to bid.


Not school guy again…


Thanks for the great info! Will do, I’ll get back after the meeting :+1:t3: