Commercial Job estimate help

Hey all, recently was contacted to spray down a building for a commercial builder in my area. Just not sure how I should quote it, by square feet or time or I don’t know what would be best. It measures about 96000 sqft. Looking for some advice on this, any advise would be helpful. Thanks. Attached photo


Did they give you any pics of the actual building? That’s a CG concept pic. You’ll need to know what they expect you to “spray down”. Knocking the dust off is a lot different than mortar cleanup

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That picture is of the building it’s already been built and I’ve already be out there to do other work. I asked the contractor about just being “sprayed off” like to clean off the dust from the construction, waiting to hear back from him. Just not sure if I should go by sqft for the quote or a by “time” for labor and etc.

Tree fiddy. Long as it’s in dolla dolla bills.

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Sounds about right

That is 100% not a picture. It’s a computer-generated mock-up. Look at the license plates, the lack of people/furniture in the windows, the cartoon humans. Just saying. You need to actually see the place and what they want

Oh crap, wait. I got trolled, didn’t I

I know it’s a computer mock up but I have been to the building and the building in the computer mock up is the actually building. I used that computer mock up as a example for my post to help people out. I didn’t take pictures while I was there

It’s easier to tell the truth the first time… When I grown man lies they’re very few reasons to ever have dealings with them again.

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It doesn’t matter if you bid the job by sqaure foot or by time. It should end up being the same price.

Nobody is going to be able to give you a price without knowing what needs to be cleaned. Just dust? Mortar? Did a flock of pigeons crap all over it? That’s why a computer mockup photo isn’t very helpful.

Once you know what needs done think about how long it’ll take you. Multiply that by how much you charge per hour. You might have to clean the windows afterwards if they spot up real bad so keep that in mind.