Commercial job - building and flatwork (Hy-Vee)


First big commercial job of the year just got confirmed. Washing a very large Hy-Vee food store. Also doing about 13,000 square foot of concrete cleaning. I tried selling them on rust stain removal but they didn’t bite. But hey, it’s still a monster job. They want it done like yesterday!


When you posted in the other thread about a “big job” I knew exactly what you were talking about. They called me that morning and I passed your info along to them. They were wanting it done the beginning of the week and there was no possible way I had any time to get to it.


Awesome man! I asked him where he found me and I thought he said google! But hey I owe you a few pizzas lol


I didn’t think you served that city?


No worries. There are a few different assistant directors.


Just curious, on the flat work. All of those plants, and items sitting on the ground. Do you move them, the business’s move them or go around them?


They are moving it all for me.


Just put in a big order with pressuretek. I emailed them a couple hours ago asking if it would really take 17 days to get an 8gpm hot box shipped and surprisingly they emailed me back right away. 17 day wait on the box… guess I’ll rent a machine if I want hot water!

Really wanted that hot box too and Blaire even gave me the green light :disappointed:


Buy this, not pressure pro junk


Farley’s ha they couldn’t begin to compete with a coil from Click.


What is the difference ? I know click is a former farley employee or family member but enlighten us as to what is the difference. I have two farleys & ZERO coil issues & at least 1k +++++ hours on one of them ??? Pipe is pipe is it not ???


Pipe is pipe yes if they are both SCH80 but how many feet of pipe does each coil use in it’s design? How tight are the pancakes? Tight coils make for a very efficient coil. Then on the real deal coils the pancakes gets staggered so the heat has to zig zag through all of them. I burn a gang load of diesel every year and I need very efficient coil with plenty of heat rise with itty bitty 2.0 gpm nozzles


Well I’m just renting a Mi-T-M 3k 3.5 gpm for the job. Just using it for piping gum and some deep stains.


Your basing it on fuel burn ? I don’t care if I burn some extra fuel. I deal with 6.6gpm to 8 gpm when using heat & I burn a little more than 600 gallons of diesel per year & the 10’s of thousands of $$ make up for fuel burn. If I pop a Farley coil I will look into click.


Forgetting anything?


Time for some hot water fun!


Blaire’s doing all the work… I’m just moving hose and drinking water occasionally lol


If I have learned one thing today it’s that people are dumb and no not care about caution tape. We had at least 30 people wonder under the tape. The auto door openers were all shut off so it was super awkward for each person to have to turn around and “walk of shame” back under the tape. Overall the day went smooth. Washed from 9am to 3pm and got half the project done. The beast is the best thing that I have ever built.


I hear that, washed an ACE hardware Easter Sunday, parking lot was empty, had 30 safety cones set up auto doors taped up & yet whole family’s would park and approach entry’s I would politely tell them store is closed & didn’t you see the HUGE electronic sign CLOSED EASTER, all I got was a deer in the headlights look, Dumb is a kind way of saying it ! I wish I had a pretty blonde helper !!


She was excited to help me. She was less enthusiastic each time she looked over at me leaning on the truck.