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I try not to ask stupid questions on this site but here goes. I want to start doing flat surface commercial work. What should I look to be included in a commercial insurance policy besides 2 mill and waiver of subroutin. Also please address if all commercial prospects require wokers comp for me and any helper I have, and if this demand is 100% of the time. If woker comp is involved as a demand, do I do that through the insurance carrier or through the state? Im not looking to wash the Empire State building in NY, just flat concrete of a medium sized venue.

Where will you be operating? Doing any parking garages? Is reclaim required?

No. Small concrete walkways. I wouldnt try a parking garage with a 4gpm. Lol. I am ordering a sludge sucker and exting the hose. Can go in private yards or a 55 gal tank I have. But this is Florida, not a liberal state so no water reclaim is required for small flat work. Also planning on a gas powered pump for whenever i may need it. For residential sidewalks and driveways that pool, the sludge sucker is perfect. Saves a ton of time.

That will get you in a sticky mess. Being required and being enforced are two different things. I have never done a commercial job that didn’t require workers comp. I would never hire someone and not have them covered. It’s for your protection as much as it is for them.

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Ok. I was just wondering. My wife is an insurance adjuster and she said workers comp can be handled through the insurance carrier. One stop. All I wanted to know. Reclaim is not a big issue here in Florida unless its a big venue like a multi story parking garage. If it becomes an issue ill buy what I need.

Skip the sludge sucker, get you a 12v sump pump off Amazon. That way it’ll suck out the low spots and still let you rinse at the same time. I don’t even use my sucker anymore.


I ran into this last year at a patio home community. The self appointed ‘treasurer’ tried to tell me I needed workmen’s comp on myself, but after calling a couple government offices I would just fill out a waiver and pay a small fee.

Didn’t matter, they never called me back.

It’s called a ghost policy. They aren’t typically based off of payroll, just a flat fee of $800 a year or something like that.

Sweet. Ill look it up on Amazon

25-30% of my work is commercial and I’ve never been asked for workers comp? Most carriers will give you a waiver of subrogation, but there again rarely, if ever asked for. They will ask to be an additional named insured.

Im gonna check some prices today.

Never been asked for workers comp.

Good to know. Just bought my commercial policy.