Commercial Gas Station Cleaning

Hey guys I have a couple questions. I’ll be cleaning my first gas station concrete flat work this weekend. It’s the concrete around the pumps and about 150 feet x 50 feet that goes up to an ATM. There is some basic oil and vehicle traffic stains. I have a new trailer mounted unit 4 gpm, 4000 psi hot water unit. 210 degrees max temp setting. Surface cleaner. And necessary accessories. This is my first attempt at this and here are my questions:

  1. What mixture should I use to retreat the concrete? SH, TSP, degreaser?? Ratios?
  2. When I used this unit on my driveway it worked great with the surface cleaner but there we’re faint lines where I guess I overlapped the surface cleaner by a few inches. I’m very meticulous but what’s the best way to prevent any lines or stripes with a surface cleaner?
    Any help is greatly appreciated I know there is a wealth of knowledge on this site and I commend all of you for sharing. Thanks, Derrick

Use EBC, and walk slower.

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R-202 does a great job as well. You can get it at

Thanks for those two recommendations. I would love to use them but I do not have time to get them here by Sunday. I called up and the shipping is crazy for two day or overnight and is not feasible. What’s the best solution I can make. I do have SH and I do have TSP but not sure if they would do well. Is there something I can get from a home improvement store like simple green or something? Just looking for a homemade mixture I can go and pick up from a local store if you guys know of anything that works well in a pinch. Sorry but I just found out about this job and it must be done ASAP…

Derrick … so how the job go? What did you learn from it that you may find yourself applying to future jobs? I hope all went well.

Thanks, but the job has not happened yet. I perform this job on Sunday night into Monday morning hours. I will let you know how it went. I guess no one wants to let go of their home remedies for a good concrete degreaser, huh… Thanks anyways I’ll take a look around the net and see what I come up with…

I have mixed simple green with Zep purple degreaser with ok results. If you use Therese, let them dwell longer than normal. After cleaning you could use your SH mix as a brightener post treatment.

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Hey thanks on that mixture cdubbs. Do you recall what ratio you used?? Something like this is what I must use until I can get the proper chemicals ordered. Thanks again…

What a great resource! Yet I have to say that brick or some concrete are a standout amongst the most sturdy and delightful fronts in building construction, yet even they require infrequent consideration. Assuming that your block are starting to get rotten or stained from water sprinkle, with a little work and regular chemicals, they can look essentially new.

How long do you guys take to clean a gas station. This one is all flatwork and approx. 7500 sq. feet. Just curious…

Couple of hours (Depending on amount of gum) with our equipment, and we’ve done a few.

Don’t worry about how long it takes, this will be a learning experience for you.

Good Luck!


You don’t mention anything about water recovery equipment. This is the last kind of location you want to wash without doing recovery - and doing it the right way.