Commercial cleaning- What do you keep spares of?

I’m going to be going down threads but we will only do commercial cleaning here, but what do you feel is needed to keep as an essential backup or spare of on the truck?

  1. At lease a complete replacement of the hose on the reel or more. I have 500’ of back up hose on the truck.
  2. Spark Plugs and oil for the PW motor
  3. Lots of Orings and a spare oring pick
  4. Quick Connects -plugs and couplers
  5. Unloader- never know when it can act up
  6. High pressure ball valve
  7. COMPLETE change of cloths or two!
  8. Flash lights with batteries - I work 99% at night commercially
  9. Most common nozzles and extra trigger guns- I have has several one at one job and not the second job an hour later
  10. If you use a 12v chem pump a spare pump these can/ will fail when you least expect them to or a least a pump up sprayer

Im sure there are several more but this is my short list at the moment.