Commercial Bid per sq. ft

New here and we may have landed our first commercial job. Wanted to see what is the going rate for 125,000 sq. ft?

Concrete? Asphalt? Dryvit? Steel building? Brick? Cow pasture?

Are you required to reclaim? Do you need a lift or hydrant meter?

So many questions.

Also, I edited the dollar sign off $125,000 sq ft for clarity.

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Do you need to rent a tenant sweeper first? Can you flush it or do you need to deep clean with surface cleaners?

We need wayyy more detail.

Are you new “here” or new to pressure washing?

Thank you for clarifying. It is new concrete that has 18 wheeler tire tracks and some old pea gravel concrete that is pretty old and lifting some of the rocks out. The client has just purchased the property and wants to get everything cleaned up now that the move in is done. It’s 80,000 sq. ft of concrete and they also have 3 white metal buildings which are 19,000 sq. ft, 18,000 sq. ft and 11,000 sq. ft. This is a repeat client, I have cleaned his home and want to give him a fair price. Appreciate all advice.

What size machine you running? What size surface cleaner?

Good luck getting the tire tracks out. Maybe do some test spots first

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Any pics would be helpful. What part of the country?

To add to the questions, you said it was “new” concrete. How new? Make sure it has cured enough to take whatever pressure you are going to use so you don’t remove any cream and cause additional problems. As for the tire marks, I read on another forum that Rust Remover Plus was originally developed for removing tire marks. I have nothing to verify that so you would have to go to and discuss it with them but it might give you a chemical solution.