Commercial bid help


Hey guys just wondering some input on a commercial bid for sidewalks and building. Roughly 5,000 sf of sidewalks and the building is about 96,037 sf. Any idea on the amount of chemicals that I should use, price I should charge per sf for sidewalks and building or any other pertinent information you guys think I should have before submitting a formal bid. Thank you in advance any help is appreciated.


Night work. Allocate water sources. $400 for sidewalks and $14,500 for building is where I’d be at. Doesn’t look bad so I’d downstream and around 45gals of SH.


Depends somewhat on where you’re located and what equipment you have.


Thanks for the info. Just wondering how did you get to $400 for the sidewalk and $14,500 for the building?


Located in the NYC metro area and have a 4.2 gpm @3500 psi.


Sqft…05cents flat work and .15cents bldg.


Why .05 for the flatwork. I’ve never even heard of anyone that low for that little amount of flatwork. That’s crazy.


You’re going to have your work cut out for you with that equipment. I’d be at .10/ft on building and .15-.20 on concrete depending on whether it’s broken up into different areas or is it just one sidewalk around the whole place.


I only do that to secure the bldg work. I’ve lost some good money when I started because I was bidding normal. I’ve learned that the bigger the job, I can lose a bit of money to make a lot of money.


My typical flat work starts at .10


Just curious: what do you do when they call you for maintenance cleaning on the flatwork in 6 months? Do you still treat it as a loss leader to keep the contract secure, or do you charge enough to cover your labor & expenses?


Ya I was thinking of going .15 a sf


Ya I know it’s going to be a lot. Thanks for the Info sir I appreciate it


Ya I agree. This is a property management company with 3 other shopping centers in my area. So I figured if I do a great job at a decent price I can get all four locations, maybe more who knows


Perhaps loss leader is the wrong phrase. But cleaning any flatwork by itself at 5¢/ft seems like it would be done at a loss.


I didn’t see the post you were responding too. I understand what you mean I was wondering the same thing


I see your point but I’m willing to lose $400 to make $14,000…same situation six months later. I have a bldg I clean every three months and it’s a steady $4,400 every time. They just gave me another $1,600 worth of work. I learned my lesson at the beginning for trying to make as much money as I could (reasonably), and got underbidded three times for a total of $55,000 that could have been completed in 1 month.