Commercial auto yes or no?

I’m registering my bussiness as an llc and gonna have General liabilty and inland marine equipment insurance on my rig my question is in the state of flordia do I real need anything more the full coverage on my truck??? I keep being told to do commercial auto to cover truck and trailer and it is mad exspensive…

Yes, you should have commercial auto coverage. If you have a claim with a personal policy, and the adjuster finds out the vehicle was being used for business, they can refuse your claim.

Shop around more for commercial coverage. When I switched to commercial several years back, my rates actually dropped (Traveler’s Insurance had been gouging me over some 4+ year old speeding tickets and one fender bender claim under $2k). The policy I have now is fairly competitive with what a personal policy might cost on my vehicle.

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Mine was actually cheaper, also in west palm area.

Lol you wanna knownwhat expensive is? Get snow plow insurance! $9,000 a year buddy.


Ouch that’s twice what I pay for three trucks

That little line that says “projects completed” is the holy grail anymore. It is next to impossible to find an insurance company that will write it. This line stops the fly by night plow guys in their tracks.

Projects completed pretty much means even after I have plowed and salted and 10 hours has gone by and I’m home sleeping that I am still on the hook for slip and fall.