Commercial accounts and sub contracts

This is our 4th season in business which means this winter will be our 4th winter being laid off. We are trying to avoid any more winter lay offs so it seems the only viable option would be picking up commercial accounts in southern warmer states (wether it be sub contracted or direct accounts) can anybody give any advice on where to locate some bigger commercial accounts. We have done our fair share of commercial work over the years but have yet to pick up any big repeat accounts to this day!

If you can figure out how to bump your daily revenue by $120 and you work 21 days each month in the busy season for 8 months, that’s $20k you can use to prepay your bills in November and take it easy for 4 months.

I know that’s a simple answer, but I’m off (like super OFF) for 4 months and my bills from November to February are paid before I sit down to thanksgiving dinner.

(Also, for the sake of math, that’s one more house wash every 3rd day.)


I like the way you think squidy

I take two months off in the winter and disappear to a hot country with my wife.

That idea of pre paying all bills in the down months is excellent. I may cut out your comment and tape it above my computer monitor.


Some bills won’t let you unless you tell them you’re about to get laid off and if they want the money at all they should take it now. Lol

There’s always a few others that are monthly like HouseCall Pro that it’s less than $500 and that’s automatic.

But all my insurances renew in November, etc. Living for “free” from November to March.

I’m always looking for families to take me on vacation. :wink: This January, @Innocentbystander is entertaining me.


the bills are not the issue boys. We get bored in our off months, why spend money when you can make it! I want to expand not sit idle

Restaurants usually need recurring work, check with a regional manager of a chain


Fair enough. To each their own.

I’d rather have hunting season, make stuff, day trade, read books, hike with the dogs, make sure my ol’ man’s driveway is clear when it snows. This past winter I was able to fix a big section drywall at my dad’s that had some water damage uninterrupted and without worrying about time. It was awesome. I already can’t wait until November. Lol



I just posted a Napoleon Dynamite meme in another thread. hahaha

You had me at hunting season… it’s about time to set cameras out!

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Would only let me like that comment one times… we close on friday morning on our little itty bitty slice of american happiness. Cameras will go up soon as i leave.


I have access to around 300 acres that 3 other guys and myself hunt. I love hunting season!

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You had me at salami, this was my treat the other day

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I can understand that thinking as well… why have the bank accounts falling rather than rising in the winter if a guy can help it.

I have my lead hand run the business at half speed while I’m away in the winter. Last winter was my first time doing this and it worked well. I have built my business around this.

I do sub-contract work with a large janitorial company that has an exterior division. Perhaps try hunting down one of them for this coming winter.

Good luck.