Cold temps- Sales

For you guys in markets with colder weather, when do you start hitting the pavement for lining up work for spring?

Im starting to build my prospect list this week from contacts we were in touch with last year. I take this list and break it down into a few different areas, then go scout those areas out for work that we want to go after and start to build a contact list.

Ill probably start reaching out next week after everyone has settled back in the office after the holidays.

What are you guys up to?

Pretty much the same. We hit CCU hard (lotsa stopping at office trailers on construction sites) for CCU and scratch removal, in the worst weather. February we really start hitting WC and PW leads face to face.

Samne dilemma my way. Its freezing most days and customers are not thinking about our services. I will push hard on previous customers/new prospects mid feb.

That said, this is the busiest winter we’ve ever had in 21 years. Except for two weeks, we have been booked 12/1/13- 4/1/14, and then the usual spring season starts. We’ll see…

We never stop.

January and February are typically our slowest months. Should start picking up in middle of Feb with the spring.