Cold call database for the noobs

When I worked in finance for 3 years I learned that it was a numbers game. The more prospects I called the further out the calendar was full. I used something called ReferenceUSA through my library for free.

For example, I worked primarily with veterinarians and their practices. ReferenceUSA helps you find them and narrow them down to very specific prospects.

I’m a firm believer that if you’re doing multiple different things to market your company and providing quality service, but your calendar isn’t full OR you’re trying to get into a different (commercial) market… you should get back to basics.

Check out your local library website for DemographicsNOW on the residential side if you’re looking to market to higher income areas and ReferenceUSA for commercial contacts and get out of your comfort zone.

For example, today I found all car dealerships that deal in new cars within a 50 mile radius, narrowed down to Toyota dealerships to market ALUCOBOND cleaning since they all have it. My goal is to put one dealership on per month from August to November.

I hope this is helpful for some!


Great info

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You can buy just about any list you want from Salesgenie for very little money. They help me in my roofing cleaning and pressure washing business.

Pro-Long Roof Care

Why pay for the list when it takes me literally 3 minutes to do it for free though?

How did the alucobond marketing Go? I’m planning something similar in my area next year early in the season after all the research I ended up doing on it this year.

I keep remembering the alucabond and brodi, but I’ve been waiting to ask him about it

@squidskc any updates on that?

@JHH and @Sharpe went better than planned. Lol Did two jobs and realized I hate working overnights. I had to show up to the third estimate and tell the guy that we were getting out of the alucobond cleaning business unless we could do it during the day.

He said there’s no way. Car dealerships are open like 13 hours and there’s something going on from 7:00 am to 8:00 pm, and sometimes there’s still people finalizing deals after that. I passed and went on my merry way.

It’s easy work and good money too. I’ll probably get back into it when I have guys that don’t mind working overnights.

Then again, I just did a job today on a $1.5 million house that took about six hours and paid about the same as the last alucobond gig so maybe I won’t.

It’s an easy gig to grab because no one is really doing it and most companies require annual maintenance or more of the exterior or they can lose their certification/licensing something or other. If you don’t mind working overnights you could make a market out of cleaning only dryvit and alucobond.

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@JHH and @Sharpe someone else asked me about it not to long ago and how I did it. I’ll find the email when I’m home and copy and paste it to you if you’d like.

That’s awesome, dude just go ahead and start looking for a guy to train. There are few things better than making money off other people’s work :sunglasses:
You’ll be making money in your sleep

I bid a few this year but the overnight scared me away also since I’m still working full time. I think I over bid them anyways.I would like to make a push for them early next year. If you don’t mind sharing it I’d love to know how you priced out the work to compare it to my bid.

@Sharpe @JHH I just sent the screen shots via message. Did you guys get it? I tried to tag you in the actual message with no luck.

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Got it. Thankyou

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Great info btw. I really appreciate it.

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Anytime. Getting them to buy and have the Mirachem delivered is beautiful thing. :slight_smile: Especially since you’re going to have to wait 30 days for a check you may as well not be out any money minus the lift.

Did you have any dwell time.

Less than 10 minutes. You’re scrubbing it on with a soft cloth so it’s doing double duty. Chemical + scrubby. To be fair though, the two I’ve done weren’t really that bad at least comparing them to most of the other stuff we clean. They looked clean from the ground, only slightly dirty while I was on the lift. It moves pretty fast.

Here’s mirachem’s info sheet, but read the alucobond cleaning instructions. That’s what matters.

It says wipe off immediately, but just like DSing SH just don’t let it dry.

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I know one I bid had a lighted sign mounted over the alucobond. I assumed since it rains like crazy here sometimes it wouldn’t be a problem washing near it. Did you guys encounter the same thing? The set ups seem to be pretty universal from what Ive seen researching it online.

Washed right around it. No problems. You’re rinsing from the ground with low pressure so I don’t imagine it’s much different than a hard rain.

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Thats what I figured. Yea I notice the discrepancy between the alcobond cleaning instructions and what the lady at mirachem in Arizona said on the phone.