Closing up panels. Almost done


You kocked it out of the park! Is that an eye wash station?? Lol Please educate me as to why 99% of the equipment vendors will not get away from aluminum baseplates? You’ve seen them crack from harmonic fatigue.

Ridiculously nice rig sir! But try to tone it down a little, this is a family friendly forum.

Do you absolutely need that fancy hose on the proportioners or would braided vinyl tubing work just as well? Looks amazing but this pertains to me as i plan on putting together a Hydro-Mixer V4-PM and am ordering stuff for it.

Beautiful work. What size water tank does that beast have on it? What’s the aluminum thing with the gauge on it, you have an oven on it too?

That is for the RO unit that is on the unit, It requires about 100 psi for the RO filter to work at it best rate.

Thank you sir. To be honest i have found its lack of maintenance. The rubber bushings wear out. Thats when the frames break. In my opinion


Yes its a eye wash station

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This is my window kit. We also built in eye wash stationand bucket filler for mixing soap @dodger8899 the psi in the ro is specific to the filter. This particular one operates at 80.

Its not fancy its just tiger flex hose. You hose needs to be compatible in psi and chemicals. Also don’t use cheap clamps

Maybe it’s just fancy to me! :joy: I have no spa hose or anything like that so have been shopping for what I’ll need while .down south and have seen this stuff. I don’t think I’ll need 100ft rolls but it definitely seems more economical to order in rolls of 100ft.

Have been mulling over spa hose or this stuff but at places like home Depot it’s almost the same to buy a 25ft long section.

You can order it by the foot from Panhandle supply.

Pretty much all distributors carry. Generally the smallest you can find is 3/4 but you your main use will probably be the 1" to feed your machines

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Wow that build looks incredible. What hose clamps and hose brackets did you use?

Higj tension clamps. Those are just weld on pipe clamps.

What’s the water capacity on this rig?

I’m so jealous! That setup rocks! Nice work!

I love the blue hose - braided tends to get brittle over time and clamps don’t work as well - that’s been my experience at least. Good in a ouch, but more temporary.

Thats why we switched. To the tension clamps and tiger flex.

They are expensive. Where’d you get yours ? (if you don’t mind sharing) I need to get some on order.


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