Cleaning solution question

What would be the recommended solution to clean stucco? SH & FW? See attached pic…thanks.

Solution strength can varie with stucco, dryvit, eifs, etc. it can come clean with a regular house wash mix or you may need to apply a roof cleaning strength solution through a roof pump. Best thing to do is a test spot.

I would up the percentage of SH to maybe 50/50. Using Fresh Wash will make a difference since it amplifies the power of the bleach.
I use a pump up sprayer if I need to hit the really dirty parts with a stronger mix. Since switching to Fresh Wash I haven’t had to do that, though.

It’s good stuff.

I keep it simple setup my down stream enjector to draw from my roof cleaning tank that takes care of any mold stucco.

If I downstreamed my roof cleaning solution it would be weaker than my normal house wash solution. Chris how strong is you roof mix? My hw mix is about 4-5 % sh and my roof mix is about 3% sh.

my roof mix is 20gallons of sh and 40 gallons of water and my downstream is SS I for get what it draws at.