Cleaning fibreglass carwash wall?

Hi everyone. Normally all I do is clean windows, but I landed a job cleaning the interior of an automatic carwash (it`s mostly all glass) but there are 3 large walls that are made of either fibreglass or PVC. It has what I believe is soap scum mixed with the dirt from the vehicles, it has an extremely rough texture to it. I have tried using soap/water, ammonia, CLR, and finally I went to Hotsy and got their “ripper 2” which according to the salesman would do a great job. None of the above did ANYTHING, including the ripper 2. I ended up having to hand scrub the three walls with scotch brite pads, which took hours! The job is coming up again and I need a better way, what chemical would you guys use? The owner is providing a cold water pressure washer with a chemical injector, I would love to utilize this and watch that scum melt off. Suggestions?

You’re going to have to use a very nasty acid.

Pictures would help to determine substrate to be cleaned but it is probably PVC. I have cleaned many carwashes and used Aluminum Brightener. Since you are familiar with Hotsy, try their Aluminum Brightener.

Use proper PPE.

It needs to have a strong HF base. Some aluminum brighteners are not strong enough. We use a Nu-Wall from Arcadian Services. We first went with the Ne-Wall II but it doesn’t have SF and it was taking hours to clean, sometimes having to pretreat 3-5 times. Watch the over spray / windage because it will burn you not to mention eat paint.

I have done a few car washes now. I use F9. The scum you see is an acid burn. F9 is much safer than aluminum brightener. Apply with a pump sprayer dwell then rinse. The other choice is one restore. I have difficulty getting my hands on it but it is awesome stuff to use for this application

Nu-Wall is the fastest in our experience, but Klean-wall is also very good and cheaper and safer. Hydroflouric acid can be deadly as it can pass straight through your skin without a lot of pain and start attacking calcium in your body.

Do you use the F9 BARC or the calcium remover?