Cleaning Equipment Trader - Craigslist for Cleaning Industry

Hey Guys. So I have always bought all my gear off Craigslist for the past 5 years. And I have always thought there should be a Craigslist Free classified listing website just for the cleaning industry. That way when you are searching everything you are looking for is just cleaning equipment.

So I went ahead and created one. Check it out: Cleaning Equipment Trader: [URL=“”]


It still looks blank because I have to get users to post their gear on it. So if you have ANY equipment you are trying to sell please post on this board as well as CL and Ebay etc… Another spot for you to try to sell and if we can get the entire industry to use Cleaning Equipment Trader then we won’t have to use CL any longer. When we need gear we can just use CET.

The site is 100% free to post ads. I did implement a Featured listing which shows the ads on the home page and on top of the others ads for $5.99 per post. But that is just to try to keep the site up and running. Don’t plan on making a bunch of money off the site.

SO PLEASE HELP OUT. Post your gear on here today! Even if you just have a ball valve or squeegee for sale. This is the place to post! If we all start using it, it may end up being a great useful tool for everyone!

Here are the categories: Page not found «

And here are the locations: Page not found « (same as CL)

Thanks in advance for all the support! Love to hear your feedback.

Very nicely done!

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Looks Great Ty, Good Idea

Matthew Adkins
Adkins Cleaning Solutions
Greensboro, Nc

THANKS Matt! If you have anything to sell please post! Need some posts to make the site look right…


I don’t have anything right now bud, but when I do I know where to post it!

Matthew Adkins
Adkins Cleaning Solutions
Greensboro, Nc

Fantastic idea and way to follow through with it Ty.

[COLOR=#333333]Ok so I have made some updates already:[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#333333]1. I added Business for Sale and Business Routes categories as requested.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=#333333]2. Changed time to Mountain Standard Time. That is where corporate is based out of [/COLOR]:slight_smile:

[COLOR=#333333]I also made a couple other minor changes in errors I saw…[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#333333]I am working on adding a OBO or Firm checkbox… RSS Feeds are working too so you can be updated. Only Chrome does not show them correctly but I guess that is just Chrome after researching.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#333333]So if you subscribe to the RSS feed for Pressure Washing you can see when someone posts a new piece of gear… Keep your eye out on the best stuff!![/COLOR]

I would change the expiration date from 30 days to 60 days. With the market that you are targeting as small as it is, you want to keep as many listings on there as you can so it appears to be an active site.

I like your idea! Thanks for sharing. I will change the expiration date to 60 days as requested! Thanks again…

DONE. Updated. 60 days

Here is another thought. Also because of the size of your audience and target market. instead of being just like CL and having all those locations, why dont you narrow it down to Regions. Someone is going to go to a location several times and not see any listings and may never come back to your site. With Regions if I saw a pressure washer a few states away I may be willing to at least see if it is feasible to have it shipped to me. Many of the locations you have may never get populated. If you see you are getting alot of listings from a certain Region you can always add a city later to that region.

I agree with the regions idea also, it took me a while to get through the list especially on my phone. great site though!

Josh Rouse
Carolina Clean

I will look into the region thing… I need to sleep more on that one. This is more than just power washers it’s for all cleaning industries… so if I market it well enough it is possible to have many listings. But I agree for the most part. I will def think about regions.

Thanks for your input! It is appreciated.

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What would be better than regions is a selected distance from your location. Search within 50 or 100 miles of your zip code, That way there would be no need to search in multiple cities… That is how auto trader is setup

Ha. I need this will be watching hard. Good job. Tanks

I think it is a great idea, I do feel it is better to start on a smaller scale and be successful than to try to be too big and fail. You can always make it bigger as it grows and add locations. The key is to get people to come back. With too many locations it will appear that it is not active and people may dismiss it as a site that never got off the ground and not return.

Too many message boards have started this way, they tried to be everything to everyone and in the end you go back and see lots of posts that have not been updated in years. It needs to look busy to keep people returning. Grow it out once you have accomplished that.

It is like a pressure washing business, if your service area is too large you will be running all over the place trying to take care of customers, you will waste gas and advertising dollars to cover such a large area.

Whereas if you started with a small high populated area and focused on that then built your service area out as you grew then you have a more efficient and profitable business.

Heroes you read my mind. That’s pretty much what I was thinking but you posted it better.
I think this a great and much needed avenue that Ty is starting here by doing this. For years this was discussed and I think on PWN’s board around 2002 this was tried right on there site. It failed within a few months but it sure as heck wasn’t thought out nearly as much as what Ty’s doing with this.

It’s going to be interesting to see how this grows.

Thanks John! I will work hard on this for us… We all just need to post on this when we are selling gear. If everyone just did that we would be okay!

But I plan on Marketing my CL on the real CL! haha

If people start using it then it will be a great resource and tool for our business!

Anyone have anything to sell? If so give Ty’s site a try. Best thing alot of us know each other so we may get some great deals from each other as well.