Cleaning concrete

It’s pouring rain here and I’m siting around planning some spring marketing, want to pick your guys brains.

when you market concrete cleaning, be it Resi or commercial , what are your selling points?

For Resi I’m thinking:general cleaning of organic material(regular maintenance type clean),driveways/walkways, pool areas, oil stains, rust ( irrigation, well water stains, etc)… Then I kind of draw a blank. Seems like I should have more on my list

commercial I think more walkways, gum, oil, dumpster areas, gas stations/canopies…

When you push concrete cleaning, what are your selling points?

On residential, it just makes everything look better & brighter. Live demonstrations are better. Most Resi. customers don’t really care about their concrete until you do their neighbors house.

Commercial is all about lowest price, I’m just not in to that and let the lowballers & hacks fight for that. When they screw it up we come in and do the job right. The commercial we do is at my price.

I don’t push concrete cleaning residential or commercial, I find it’s better (and I get a better price) if they call us wanting this service.

Mostly off of web site traffic? I’m gonna do a big dm campaign, and half of its dedicated to softwashing. It’s a 4 month transitional mailer. I wanted to add concrete cleaning, but not quite sure how to push it. Probably just from b&a pics

Yep web traffic, I also have it on our brochures and post cards…unless concrete is really badly stained (Rust, oil, dirt) most don’t even think of cleaning it. While we do list it in our marketing I feel it’s a waste of time to try and up-sell this f2f.

If you did a “Package” type thing for Resi., concrete would prob sell better, i.e. Gold, Silver, Bronze.

I find it quite easy to up sell residential concrete face to face. When I turn up to housewash and the homeowner is home I just mention it to them and suggest I clean a small, inconspicuous area whilst doing the housewash. This takes me literally an extra minute on top of my housewash and usually the result seals the deal - even though many homeowners hadn’t even considered it, as others have noted.

The other good point is that by doing an inconspicuous part you usually get a nice dirty paver down the side of a shed or something… So even if the front driveway isn’t nearly so bad the night and day before-and-after is still very persuasive.

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We chase commercial concrete work in our area and in some cases we travel pretty far for it as well. Not only will we travel a few states away for parking garage cleaning but over the years we have taken Bestbuy Stores in 2 states for monthly services and Kohl stores we traveled 5 states for twice a yr Cleanings. Today we have multiple accounts in Manhattan and some stores in my home area.

For residential not every state is the same. Example Florida is so huge for roof Cleanings that in some areas’s they have to get there roofs cleaned at least once a yr. By me we do roofs but nowhere near as much as we do houses of course and then patio’s whether their pavers, stone or concrete.

So Residential Concrete we look to nail down. We put that on our mailers and our website. It’s also on my business cards as well.

This is our webpage it’s on Which is going to be revamped soon.

Concrete is a big seller so we chase it.

I didn’t say it was “Hard To Sell” I said it was a waste of time. Most want them cleaned for nothing, I don’t have time to play the price game.

And I never said you did? I never quoted your post, referenced it or (if I’m being honest) really properly read it before writing my perspective . Sorry for any crossed wires.

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Oh ok I saw where you posted under me and we used the same reference as to face to face…my apologies also.

No worries at all man, no worries :cool:

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Haha what do you expect?? Your both from the South in your respective area’s. Wait I take that back because you two could sandwich me since I live in between you two-DOH!!

do the job right. The commercial we do is at my price.

Yeah Guy… we were recently asked to quote cleaning for a Chick Fil A. The manager was not happy with the service he was getting from the contractor that was currently cleaning it.

I figured he had just over 6,000 sf of concrete to clean and I give the manager my price. A week or so later the guy called me and said I was over twice as high as the other contractor was and want ed to know why. Duh… I told him by the time the other contractor drives an hour to get there with two guys that spend three hours on site burning gas and diesel fuel, drive back another hour and there was no way they could make money on that job unless they were cutting corners.

The short story is I got the job. :slight_smile:

beautiful! Love it.