Cleaning Chemicals

I’m really enjoying all the info I’m getting here from you all. So I’d like to see what everyone is using for cleaning. What’s best you’ve used and how? For concrete, vinyl, etc. I’m from NC so just reaching out to all the Pro’s on here.

Bleach, water, soap. Downstreamed with pressure washer, or direct application with 12V/air/booster.

Search ‘house mix’, ‘roof mix’, ‘deck/fence cleaning’, ‘driveway cleaning’, etc. here and on google for specific ratios, and methods of application.

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I use bleach with soap DS, just curious what a lot of u guys are using…

Ok I will bite…elemonator, sh and water. I change the sh and water % based on the job.

What they said except I add a leg from the KFC bucket. Those 13 secret ingredients and all the grease on it really shines up the siding…

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LA’s totally awesome and InVinceable. Nothing else. Nothing.

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You can find this wonder cleaner here.

Those scrubbing bubbles work so you don’t have too…,