Cleaning a pressure washer

Does anyone remember a post where someone cleaned an old pressure washer, the aluminum came out really nice and I was looking at doing a couple of mine.

That was that fella in Australia I just tried finding his account I believe he may have deleted it. All I remember him saying is that he used a degreaser.

Thanks Max.All I remember is that it looked almost new after.

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Clean the grease off with a degreaser and then use an aluminum brightener to make the aluminum clean up. Just do a test spot to make sure you like the way it looks. I’m sure you will though. It’s not a mirror finish but gives it a nice dull sheen. Much better than the dirty aluminum look. I just did some pontoons with it and turned out nice. .


A good degreaser, pump up sprayer with hot water and a scotch brite pad for the heavier grease. Works fantastic, used to do it on the dirt bikes.

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Thanks MuscleMyHustle and marinegrunt will do