Cleaned and ready for take off



Is that over on 52 and 41 (not quite the exact)?


Zephyrhills airport.


I come out every few months and was my dads planes . Hes has a flight school since I was a kid . I’ve always been commissioned the washer


That’s awesome!


Always wanted to get my pilots license. I have a few hours but am a long looking way off. The is always somewhere else for the $ to go.


I love jobs like that. I have never washed a plane but that would be pretty cool to do.


There an absolute nightmare. Even the soap has to be FAA approved and it’s useless . Bellies are covered in hydraulic fluid so your on your back scrubbing. Takes about two hours per plane . As a kid I did all 7 planes every week . Now I’m lucky if I can get there 3 times a year. It just kills me to know my 77 year old father will do it if I don’t.


I totally get it. I was a helicopter crew chief in the Army and we had to wash the birds pretty frequently. Lots of prep and a careful hand to avoid damaging things, but I really liked it. Made me feel like I doing something special.


Small airports are definitely unique places. And pilots of small planes are definitely a different breed of people. You’ll probably never meet a pilot that doesn’t know every nut and bolt on his plane .


I just saw this. One of my brothers is a blackhawk crew chief. Company B, 3rd assualt in Killeen , TX


That’s probably an awesome job.


Working on these is as close as I can come to that . Lol


He’s got 18 months before he hits 20 years in. Said he will probably stay as long as he can. Not a lot of jobs out there for helicopter mechanics in the civilian world.


Not much money in aircraft in general especially in the private sector. Ever since 911 the government has made it very clear, they don’t like the idea of private aircraft. They have made it much more difficult to get and keep a pilot license. Even more difficult for helicopters.
When I was a kid I would spend hours watching helicopter pilots learn to fly. It was very entertaining.


My shop is at on old country airport. Old timers with cessnas and Cubs farting around


Yep that’s pretty much it. Lots and lots of retired Air Force try to relive there glory days .


You’ll prolly enjoy this then:

One of my favs. I fast forwarded it to the good stuff but feel free to start at zero if you want the whole experience.